sRFID Project with Johnson Controls Interiors and Seating Continues to Grow

April 22, 2015

Johnson Controls Interiors and Seating have been working with Surgere to employ sRFID and COS 2.0 into their plants and warehouses across the continent. The technology tracks and traces reusable containers and racks between warehouses, plants, suppliers, and OEM customers.

Johnson Controls Interiors has 5 locations and 82 dock doors within the United States that uses sRFID. Johnson Controls Seatings has 1 plant and 16 dock doors in Canada, 13 plants and 160 dock doors in Mexico, and 26 plants and 287 dock doors in the United States. The combined total for Johnson Controls is 45 plants and 545 dock doors. The number of plants and warehouses that use sRFID technology continues to go up as Johnson Controls and Surgere expand the project.