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In 2004, Surgere started around a kitchen table in North Canton, Ohio where their experts served as packaging consultants for major companies such as Timken, Alcoa, and Whirlpool.

Upon seeing the lack of visibility throughout supply chains, they searched for a software to serve their client’s needs and unfortunately, couldn’t find a solution.

Surgere branched out into the software industry, expanding their team to build that customized software to provide visibility and control throughout supply chains.

They were inspired in part by Twister, the Hollywood blockbuster starring Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt. In it, a crew of storm chasers are inspired to release a barrage of tiny data sensors into a tornado, collecting the data the team would need to better weather such storms.

Surgere founder, William Wappler saw how that concept – a multitude of data points coming together to draw a clear picture of an incredibly complex system – could be applied to the tornado that is the automotive manufacturing supply chain. He recognized the billions of dollars lost every year to “misplaced” parts, packaging, and finished vehicles, and he knew he had a solution.

Today, Surgere’s role in the evolving i4.0 supply chain reality is to provide their clients with advanced asset visibility, data analytics and control through each segment of the Supply Chain throughout various industries.

In order to implement digital transformation strategies, Surgere has provided a comprehensive solution to clients including access to experts in Supply Chain Planning, Packaging, Automotive, Governance, Sensor-Based Technologies, and more to ensure client success. Year over year, Surgere’s customer base has surged – adding OEM, Tier 1, and Tier 2 suppliers all who rely on hardware, software and category-leading consulting from Surgere.

William Wappler

Founder, President, & CEO

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About Surgere

Surgere, a leading technology company specializing in sensor-based science, provides never before seen accuracy and visibility throughout the supply chain. Surgere’s patented technology & proprietary software empowers the world’s leading brands with unparalleled end-to-end supply chain analytics, high-fidelity data, and sensor-based solutions. Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, with offices in Mexico, Canada and Japan, Surgere delivers solutions that bring together multiple forms of sensor-based science to “see” inventory with an unmatched 99.9% accuracy, thereby mapping the entire supply chain and identifying weaknesses and opportunities for improvement in real time.

At Surgere, we expect employees to work hard, have fun, and give back.

“I’ve never worked for a company that cared so much about not only their employees professional development, but also personal development, encouraging employees to have a good work/life balance. Employees bring in their kids, friends, and even their dogs for lunch. Surgere is also very flexible, being very accommodating of life’s curveballs.”

Olivia Rush
Graphic Designer/Marketing Coordinator

“Surgere employees step up, jump in, and have a ‘whatever it takes’ mentality to create Raving Fans – our biggest advocates. It doesn’t matter if something isn’t part of your job description – we put the needs of the clients first. We aim to go above and beyond and that starts by creating meaningful relationships and understanding our client’s needs.”

Michael Wappler
VP, Sales

“Life is about laughing at yourself, celebrating successes, and never being too old to play. Our “spirit committee” hosts regular events to encourage team bonding and mental breaks throughout the workday. Events such as Easter egg hunts, lunchtime trivia, and connect four tournaments are just an example of the chaos you’ll find happening inside Surgere’s four walls on any given day.”

Kassandra Kuzma
Senior Commercial Coordinator, Sensor Technology

“Once I started at Surgere I soon realized the high quality of people that I would be surrounded by each day. From the top all the way down, no one is bigger than the team and everyone is always willing to lend a helping hand.”

Tre McIntyre
Senior Project Manager

“It’s really refreshing to work for an employer who has such an engrained culture of giving, from treating the employees to lunch, to taking care of our vendors & partners, even giving back to the local (and national) community.”

Ryan Trescott
Purchasing Manager

Philosophy, Vision, Beliefs


William Wappler, Founder, President, & CEO:
“At Surgere, we pride ourselves in doing things differently and that starts with our mission. To our team, customer relationships are paramount to success – that’s why we structured our entire organization around the mission of first and foremost creating what we call “raving fans.” Our mission is a simple pie chart – we judge ourselves by raving fans, our team, and then profit/loss.”



To Solve Global Visibility

The Kitchen Table Culture

Surgere employees are encouraged to embrace the “Kitchen Table Culture”. The idea centers around the companies origins – created around a kitchen table in North Canton.

Bill Wappler, President & CEO aims to provide employees a fun, family friendly, thought-provoking, and ethically driven environment to work in. Realizing that employees spend more time at work than at home, the Kitchen Table Culture is an important part of who we are. Centered around six core values, it sets the stage for what each Surgere employee is expected to carry out.


Our Values – We believe in:

  • Transparent, Honest Dialogue
  • Reinventing the Wheel
  • Fostering Collaboration
  • Adding Value
  • Exceeding Expectations
  • Persistent Innovation
  • Dreaming Big
  • Creating Meaningful Relationships
  • Embracing the Surgere Lifestyle (see culture)