Industry 4.0: Supply Chain Science – And Manufacturer Collaboration – Surprise & Disrupt the Automotive Industry

February 7, 2019

Innovation on display at AutoSphere MEETING ON MARCH 11TH & 12TH

North Canton, Ohio (February 7, 2019) – As manufacturers and Beneficial Cargo Owners (BCOs) push to implement digital transformation strategies, Surgere has provided a comprehensive, simple to implement solution that many now rave about. Year over year, Surgere’s customer based has surged by 453% – adding customers who all rely on technology, software and analytics from Surgere.


In 2018 the company laid the foundation for AutoSphere – a community comprising automotive’s leading OEMs and Tier 1 Suppliers – working to push industry innovation forward, together. This level of collaboration amongst competitive category businesses is unprecedented and already attracting new OEMs in 2019 (in advance of AutoSphere’s invite-only meeting happening in March). Each founding AutoSphere member has realized value in reducing cost and gaining efficiency within their packaging supply chains through a partnership with Surgere – and now each other.


“Our customers rely on us to be efficient, precise and trustworthy,” says Surgere CEO, Bill Wappler. “The trust is what makes AutoSphere possible. By having an open dialogue with competitors around supply chain challenges and innovation the company – and ultimately, the consumer – wins.”


Surgere’s recent tests have timed an accurate cycle-count of an automotive warehouse in 45 minutes or less.  The company attributes this success in expediting operational efforts to their ability to reduce inventory inaccuracies and reducing manual inventory activities such as location and collection of parts. This all means significant costs savings for customers.


“Right now,” says Wappler, “Our team is focused on two things. The first is onboarding, successfully implementing and optimizing the Surgere solution for current customers in the automotive space. The second is innovation on behalf of the automotive industry – and several others. To us, ‘innovation’ is about thinking scientifically as well as creatively, extending the confines of the technology that exists today. This has driven our efforts to hire the right minds to work on today’s business as well as the chapter that comes next.”

Rusty Coleman
Rusty Coleman , VP of Digital Transformation


Surgere will lead that next chapter with recent hires including, Chief Science Officer Rahul Bhattacharyya, who brings with him successful scientific strategies from his work at MIT, as well as Supply Chain veteran and leading member of Global and Corporate Digital Governance Boards, VP of Digital Transformation Rusty Coleman (most recently of Electrolux).


On why he joined Surgere, Coleman says: “I was a customer [at Electrolux] before I joined. What always impressed me was this: There are many in the technology industry that talk about what they can do. Surgere, however, is the one I saw who actually did it. For customers, that means that the innovation they need today is within grasp – and that same partner will put them ahead tomorrow.”


AutoSphere meeting, as well as general inquiries, may be directed to Sarah Trescott (Surgere) at sarah.trescott@surgere.com.