COS™ 2.0 – Enterprise

Packaging Technology

COS™ 2.0, the industry standard in Container Management Software and Technology, acts as your virtual manager. Controlling sourcing, packaging specifications, plan for every part, location, motion and disposition, and loop balancing, all from one customizable dashboard.

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Sensor-based Technologies

Container Tracking and Insight

Surgere’s RFID container tracking and management program generates packaging activity data for the purpose of tracking a returnable container through each stage of the supply chain. Paired with COS, your tracking data becomes actionable and visual for informed decisions.

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Autonomous Mobile Robot

ROBi is the first of its kind — an extremely powerful tool for companies that need cycle counts and inventories conducted on a periodic or frequent basis. ROBi doesn’t stop there. It doesn’t merely provide inventory accuracy on a timely basis — it also maps it and provides the inventory location.

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Packaging as a Service

PaaS or Packaging as a Service allows your company to free up capital and save large amounts of money by acquiring reusable racks, containers, and other packaging goods as a service instead of owning them. This allows you to redeploy large amounts of previously non-performing capital and reduce associated costs dramatically.

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Tools for Every Link in Your Supply Chain


The most advanced tracking and location application of its kind, Hawkeye monitors the location and movement of finished vehicles. Hawkeye uses Surgere’s patented technology, which incorporates a combination of GPS satellite triangulation and Google mapping to locate a vehicle within an 18” level of accuracy.



Aeris is a highly sophisticated tracking device used to monitor the location and environmental conditions of mobile assets. It’s an analytical tool that helps you “see” the status of location and environmental variables during the movement and storage of expensive and sensitive parts.



With USPEC, easily make the most efficient and cost-saving decisions about packing and shipping your product. This cloud-based packaging-specification management and approval module enables world-class collection, history and standardized supplier participation.