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Packaging Technology

COS™ 2.0, the industry standard in Container Management Software and Technology, acts as your virtual manager. Controlling sourcing, packaging specifications, plan for every part, location, motion and disposition, and loop balancing, all from one customizable dashboard.

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What COS Provides

Increased Control Through Visibility

Tracking Through Sensor-Based Technology

Detailed Reporting

Status-at-a-Glance Dashboard

Regain Control

To address the lack of control over the packaging supply chain, Surgere has developed COS™ Enterprise. The most advanced packaging management software available, COS™ provides you with the tools to accurately manage material flow and optimize fleet performance. To avoid shortages caused by lost packaging and delays that lead to program disruptions and increased cost, COS™ organizes the data and literally puts the supply chain at your fingertips. Its fully customizable dashboard provides you with the accessibility and insight necessary to make strategic and informed decisions. Ultimately equipping you to best meet the demands of a rebounding automotive industry.


Software and COS 2.0 – Sensor-based Technologies

COS™ 2.0 is the industry standard in Container Management Software and Technology. The typical packaging supply chain contains multiple buried costs and numerous sources of undiscovered savings. The automotive, retail, and pharmaceutical industries are no different – organizations working from gut feelings with little-to-no data to support decisions. COS software acts as your virtual manager who helps control sourcing, specifications, PFEP, location, motion, disposition and loop balance… all from one customizable dashboard. We are currently deploying successful COS™ sensor-based technologies programs, further providing even greater levels of control and visibility.

Stop the loss. Stop having packaging at the wrong place at the wrong time. End the lack of information.


Detailed Reporting

COS™ 2.0 combines the highest levels of insight and reporting. This gives you easily understood metrics and a control that has never before been attainable within a packaging supply chain. With COS Enterprise the entire life of the container is managed and logged at every point in the process, going far beyond traditional track and trace software applications. COS™ 2.0 Enterprise is a step beyond the next generation of container management technology. Built in intelligence monitor critical levels, Reporting widgets offer real-time program statistics and alert users when actions are required. It watches when you aren’t able to and it makes sure you know what you need to know.

It also monitors maintenance and repair activity. Following damage-related trends and patterns, COS™ reduces repair costs by providing insights into areas needing further training or management attention.

COS is not only strong from the desktop, but is designed and developed for use with sRFID, handheld bar code readers as well as direct computer keyboard inputting. This variety of access points provides for versatile deployment in any operating environment. Also, as a web-based service, the time and cost of implementation are lessened and its ease of use makes training and user adoption an easily deployed process.

With unique permissions for each login, the administrators, managers, CEOs, etc., are all able to access their piece of the puzzle. Customized to their liking, controlled to protect against accidental data editing and viewing, and robust enough to report and provide your data in a way that works for you.


What You Can Expect in COS Enterprise

  • A fully integrated system with customized access points for management, workforce, vendors and administrators
  • A forward-looking and intelligent process & alert system
  • Internet-based, no special software or hardware requirements
  • Automated right-sizing, scheduling and trend anticipation
  • Secure Server setup for safe data keeping
  • Real-time and accessible information sharing with all points of the packaging supply chain
  • Continual monitoring of supplier performance metrics
  • Behavior management and reporting of workforce compliance
  • Real-time reporting of asset distribution and utilization
  • PO management & sourcing
  • Asset serialization and tracking from inception
  • On-the-spot asset removal/replacement using handheld device
  • System-wide dashboard that’s customizable to the user
  • Packaging Lifecycle Management handling of all packaging assets


Technically Speaking

  • Fully internet-based so no special software or hardware is required
  • A complete roles-based security system
  • Hosted by Microsoft Azure Platform
  • Daily, off-site backups and system redundancy
  • Easily fully integrated with corporate IT and ERP systems


Status-at-a-Glance Dashboard

COS 2.0 possesses a completely customizable interface and dashboard. With a click of a button you are easily able to see where a container is, identify how long the package was in transit and even see which vehicles carried it. Customized reports such as dwell, min./max., velocity and outstanding deliveries are just a sample of the information that is available at your fingertips. These real-time reports allow you to simply log in and get to work. No need spending hours identifying where your problems stem from; COS provides that data so you can spend your time more efficiently managing your fleet.

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