Packaging as a Service

PaaS® or Packaging as a Service allows your company to free up capital and save large amounts of money by acquiring reusable racks, containers, and other packaging goods as a service instead of owning them. This allows you to redeploy large amounts of previously non-performing capital and reduce associated costs dramatically.

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What PaaS Provides

Removes container cost off balance sheet

Creates supply chain flexibility

Provides containers as a service

Reduces your cost significantly

Change the Financial Relationship

There’s no longer a reason to take on the financial responsibility of owning your own packaging when Packaging as a Service® provides you with all of the packaging assets, technology, and management support you need.


Change Your Approach to Packaging

PaaS® allows you to redeploy large amounts of capital that would otherwise be tied up in container assets. PaaS® can move the financial relationship to “off balance sheet,” further strengthening the economics of a program launch. The PaaS service agreement is unique by being a fixed monthly service fee rather than a moving target invoice – never increasing, easy to monitor.

Through PaaS™ you can take what would have been a large, up-front packaging investment and reallocate those funds for better usage elsewhere.

Packaging as a Service® enables you to acquire containers, racks and other packaging assets as a service instead of owning them. The service agreement is markedly improved from past rental and pooling offerings, by being a fixed monthly fee rather than a moving target invoice, which is ever increasing and very difficult to monitor.


Stabilize Your Balance Sheet

Surgere created PaaS™ to address a major disconnect that exists between capitalization and value in reusable containers. Unlike other rental and pooling options, the PaaS™ service agreement is a fixed monthly fee instead of an ever-changing invoice. By changing the packaging relationship with PaaS™ it stabilizes your balance sheet and won’t increase payments over time. Additionally, there’s no longer a need to make a large up-front investment for packaging. Capitalizing reusable containers causes significant problems with early program profitability, capital allocation for other investments, and balance sheet management. Lots of cash gets tied up in non-performing assets. On top of that, reusable containers can be lost, sometimes in great quantity. Container loss costs companies millions of dollars every year and replacements become a fact of life. Let us help you avoid all of that.

Surgere offers you the perfect balance of technology, process, and seasoned expertise all in one comprehensive solution – Packaging as a Service™.

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