Sensor-based Technologies

Container Tracking and Insight

Surgere’s RFID container tracking and management program generates packaging activity data for the purpose of tracking a returnable container through each stage of the supply chain. Paired with COS, your tracking data becomes actionable and visual for informed decisions.

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What Sensor-based Technologies Provide

Identify cost reduction opportunities

Asset management

Increase efficiency

Directional movement

Supply chain visibility

Loss prevention

Improved productivity

Predictive data and analytics

Avoid delays

Where Data Becomes Action

Surgere’s RFID program combines the analytical strength and control of COS 2.0 with a patented omnidirectional data system infused with proprietary track and trace intelligence. Surgere’s Radio Frequency Identification system uses a robust wireless transmission method to capture tag information from any in/out direction. The holistic system literally knows where your containers are coming from and where they’re going. sRFID tags are attached to reusable containers and racks and are then tracked throughout the supply chain process. Once integrated into the flow of your supply chain, your tagged returnables become your supply chain eyes and ears. Monitor location, dwell times, shortages and other usage metadata throughout the voyage of your COS supplier network.

Being able to “see” the sRFID trends and predictive supply chain data in COS 2.0 gives you the insight to make educated and actionable decisions regarding your packaging supply chain.

Reusable containers are a costly asset. Lost or misplaced containers within the supply chain process create an unforeseen expense. With sRFID, companies are able to keep track of their reusables throughout the whole process. It saves companies money, because they no longer have to repurchase the containers. COS 2.0 Enterprise houses and organizes all of the RFID container tracking data, providing a full and holistic view of your inventory. Allowing you to know how much you have and where it is within the system.

By automating the process and adding RFID tags to your containers you increase productivity time. The readers are quicker than the traditional bar code method, because the reader can process hundreds of tags at one time, unlike an employee individually scanning individual bar codes.


How sRFID Provides Ongoing Value

  • Asset Management
  • Loss Prevention
  • Improved Productivity
  • Analytics
  • Cost Reduction


Keeping an Eye on What’s Important

sRFID keeps an eye on the packaging that is most important to you. Never again will you wonder where your packaging is, has been, and is going. While your employees are unloading and loading a truck, the system logs and tracks where your packaging is moving – all in the background with no added work for your employees. Alerts, reports and notifications provide real-time identification of problems that arise within the supply chain. Knowing when a container goes missing as soon as it happens means that you can manage the situation fast and effectively.

As Surgere RFID gathers information, COS 2.0 works in the background to collect, interpret, and present the data to you in a logical and organized way. Accurate information, including turn times, and fleet utilizations are easily accessed through a system dashboard. All of this combined creates a more accurate fleet assessment and utilization of purchased fleets. Avoid production shutdowns due to packaging shortages and start saving money and time within your supply chain process.

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