November Packaging Technical Workshop was a Success

December 2, 2016

The Automotive Industry Action Group hosted another successful Packaging Technical Networking Session, located in Southfield, Michigan.

Held October 18, 2016, Surgere President and CEO was closing presenter, ending the session with a glimpse of ‘packaging things to come.’ The half-day workshop focused on the newest trends and issues facing the inbound supply chain – from a packaging perspective. The speakers talked about returnable container and yard management solutions, device layering options like RFID and GPS and how those technologies are being leveraged in automotive to achieve visibility and control over their packaging. Industry 4.0 will continue to bring forth new control and optimization opportunities, ie. interconnection, autonomy, and real-time capability. AIAG also presented an update to the RTI Portal (Orphan Container Recovery). It was a great event that Surgere was proud to support.

To learn more about Automotive Industry Action Group, click here: https://www.aiag.org – The next Packaging Technical Networking Session is scheduled for March of 2017.



Surgere is the industry leader in automotive packaging visibility and control. Providing optimization through innovation, technology, engineering and financial solutions, Surgere is able to present a truly unique toolset to its clients, leading them to new opportunities in operational and financial business transformation through advanced analytics and business intelligence throughout all aspects of the packaging lifecycle and supply chain.

Surgere serves clients in the automotive, retail, consumer products and general manufacturing industries. Including companies such as Johnson Controls, Yanfeng, Cooper Standard, Grupo Antolin, Dana, Magna, Whirlpool, as well as Alcoa, Best Buy, IB-Tech, Polaris, The Timken Company, Tyco Electronics, and many others.