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February 4, 2020

Advanced Sensor Technology and a Passion for Problem-Solving Combine to Make Surgere an Industry Treasure

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February 04, 2020

It all started at a kitchen table in North Canton, Ohio, as Bill Wappler and other packaging industry experts sought ways to reliably track assets and add desperately needed visibility to materials handling supply chains. That was in 2004. Surgere, the company Wappler founded, is now in its 15th year of innovating sensor- based asset technology, delivering advanced asset visibility, data analytics, and control through even the most complex supply chains.

Over time, the company’s focus shifted from packaging towards the complexities of the automotive industry, where they currently place the lion’s share of their market emphasis. Surgere’s pioneering solution delivers 99.98% accuracy, setting the highest standards for increasing productivity and cost controls while increasing supply chain visibility in the sector — or for that matter, in any industry.

“Our sensor-based science and proprietary software solve visibility issues along the supply chain. We are able to track small containers, large containers, individual parts, vehicles — anything in the supply chain from beginning to end that a supplier, OEM, or any kind of manufacturing operation would need to locate,” explained Surgere CTO Charles Dressler.

Surgere’s unsurpassed data accuracy sets them apart from other providers in the field. “It’s necessary to have that level of accuracy to be able to achieve the results that multiple industries require,” Dressler stressed. “Any levels lower than that only solve part of the problem. Knowing where assets are some of the time does not serve the purpose. That’s a differentiation that has skyrocketed the interest other customers have in our technology.” As Wappler is fond of saying, Surgere is building a base of “raving fans.”

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