Advanced Location

HAWKEYE™ is the most advanced tracking and location application of its kind. Originally created to monitor the location and movement of finished vehicles, this robust system can be used to monitor asset activity in any industry (such as steel yards, construction projects, and farm equipment).

Unlike outdated and ineffective products of the past, HAWKEYE™ uses Surgere’s patented technology, which incorporates a combination of RFID tags, GPS satellite triangulation and Google mapping to locate an asset within an 18” level of accuracy.

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“The great thing about Hawkeye is the visibility it gives you into processes – how long is a vehicle here or there, what are the real vehicle flows versus the planned vehicle flows, where is the vehicle? And it can apply to any mobile asset. At a high level, it provides quick visibility to vehicle inventory or asset status. But it can also provide deep granularity into the material flow – dwell times, turn-around times, out-of-process activity.”

David Hampton

Vice President

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Accurately Provides Asset Location within 18”

Low Deployment & Operational Costs

Loss Mitigation


  1. Loss Mitigation & “Miss-Ship” Avoidance: know what is on the lot, and where at any time
  2. Increases Productivity: Less time spent manually searching for assets
  3. Advanced Analytics & Reporting (Velocity, Dwell, etc.)
  4. Search by VIN or RFID tag
  5. Process Definition and Validation
  6. Logistics Improvement
  7. Sourcing Improvement
  8. Velocity Planning
  9. Increases safety –searching for cars can be hazardous

No More!

  • No more buried locators in the ground, an expensive and uncompromising process
  • No more restrictions on the use of temporary lots and parking spaces when vehicle storage quantities and locations require flexibility
  • And, finally, no more confusing “graphical maps”

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