Strategic Partners

Some Problems are Just Too Big to Solve Alone

Industry-Wide Problems require Industry-Wide Collaboration.

We Have Your Back

Think of Surgere as your pit crew. Regardless of where you are in the race or if you’re even on the right track, Surgere will help you identify and cross that finish line.

The Fuel You Need

Surgere provides data that is 99.9% accurate – guiding your digital transformation journey through each “checkpoint.” The result? End-to-end visibility.

Don’t Get Stuck

Outdated technology? Weak organizational alignment? Regardless of what roadblock you’re facing, Surgere’s team of experts will help you stay ahead of the curve. Surgere will empower your team with the right data to keep you on track.

Strategic Alignment

Vertical and horizontal alliances are necessary to bring about desired change. Surgere’s experts on governance work with clients to ensure a proper governance structure is in place. Bringing together global, regional, and local leaders, with diverse functions within an organization, to communicate directly, is key to assuring strategic alignment and business goals are known and met.

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Blockchain is the emerging technology that puts the “real” in real-time information flow based on the usage and movement of material. It offers a trusted network to provide instantaneous, syncronized information for all the users in an end-to-end Supply Chain. AutoSphere’s end-to-end Supply Chain solution suite will be the platform for Surgere Blockchain.

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Transformative Impact

The conversation around the value of data is extremely deep. The role of data in today’s supply chain should be viewed solely from the aspect of improvement and change, and the degree at which each can occur. The value of data can be measured in two distinct ways; the quality or integrity of the data and its ability to create transformative impact.

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Unified Approach

The true strength of a community is best demonstrated when all members can put aside differences and the thought of “beating the competition” temporarily. This is especially true when community members share key business partners and locations. Working toward common solutions can create a stronger community.

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