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Blockchain is the emerging technology that puts the “real” in real-time information flow based on the usage and movement of material. It offers a trusted network to provide instantaneous, synchronized information for all the users in an end-to-end Supply Chain. AutoSphere’s end-to-end Supply Chain solution suite is the platform for Surgere Blockchain.

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“The value of blockchain can only be realized with a robust network of companies that are willing and able to adopt a joint solution. Thus today’s hype is sometimes unrealistic about the problems that blockchain can solve. The big hurdle is not technology but participation—and clearing that hurdle requires ensuring the confidentiality of member data to minimize risks and incentivize enrollment.”
CSCMP 2019 Annual State of Logistics Report “Blockchain: Beyond the Hype”

Rusty Coleman

VP, Digital Transformation

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How does this work with Surgere?

Blockchain Provider

Surgere provides a blockchain solution that is layered on its end-to-end solution. The solution allows users to have access to supply side and demand side information at the speed of business. The application gives the user unprecedented access to information effecting production.

Distributed Ledger

Surgere provides a distributed ledger framework to collect transactional information and distribute to active users within a trusted network. The ledger is owned by all parties on the chain. Multiple chains (by client) will require additional distributed ledgers to assure each trusted network provides client data security.


Surgere employs a suite of API’s to assure connection to external distributed ledgers where we are invited to participate in a trusted network by a client.


Example of a trusted network allowing unimpeded form of information:


How it would help you

Time is a critical element of any Supply Chain.  Changes to supply of material and changes to demand patterns of material impact the ability of any company to assure continuity of supply.

MRP order action and Kanban buffers will take time to translate.  They miss the crucial gap of Logistics impact to the plan and execute cycles.

Blockchain offers instant knowledge of changes that effect the ability to build.  Blockchain offers instant knowledge that the continuity of supply assures the build!

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