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“Community” has been defined many ways. A Business Community can be best defined as “A Body of Persons with Common Professional Interests and a Group Linked by Common Policy.” The true strength of a community is best demonstrated when all members can put aside differences and the thought of “beating the competition” temporarily. This is especially true when community members share key business partners and locations. Working toward common solutions can create a stronger community.

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“Managing the complexity within the Automotive Supply Chain has become quite challenging. The need for ultimate flexibility, dwindling resources to manage it, pressures of rising costs and the massive amount of transactional data generated expands the complexity. With the overlapping resources working across many OEMs (Suppliers, Carriers, Service Providers), a collaborative approach is ever more important to help simplify things. A standardizes approach will bring about more efficient use of the limited resources.”

Dana McBrien

Guiding Architect, AutoSphere

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Where Is The Strength Of The Community?


Creation of standards across the managing components of the Supply Chain make it possible for Economies of Scale and reliable predictability of performance:

  • Tags: Size, Content, Structure create the parameters for equipment
  • Equipment: Specifications create a predicted and proven performance brought about by the processes
  • Processes: Well defined and proven Business Processes ensure proper data creation


With input from many parties in the “Community,” everyone’s needs are being considered. This affords all parties (regardless of size) to be capable of using a common platform to derive benefit for their organization. This includes otherwise potentially elusive data analytics and expanded visibility tools.


Timely and consistent data sharing ensures visibility through the entire Supply Chain. Use of a consistent set of data outputs which becomes the data input for the next leg in the Supply Chain eliminates the need for translation and the potential for misinterpretation of valuable data elements.

As illustrated by the graphic above, in an environment where multiple customers do business with the same provider, complexity can become quite prevalent. When complexity in doing business with multiple customers becomes a distraction the business itself, mistakes can creep into the processes more often. Having a more consistent method of business processes allows a provider to focus on what the customer entrusted them to do. It also allows the provider to focus their energy toward innovation and becoming a better business partner.

How it would help you

As a customer participant in the community you can gain benefits from:

  • Expanded input into developing solutions
  • Experience of issues and solutions to problems you may not yet have experienced
  • Improved performance by Goods or Services Providers who are able to focus on core business requirements

As a Goods or Services provider participating in the community you can gain benefits from:

  • Doing business in a same or similar fashion with all of your participating Automotive Customers:
    • Labeling and Shipping Processes
    • Container Planning and Visibility
    • Data Collection and Analytics
  • Having availability to many of the same tools being used by your Customers to conduct business with your Goods or Services Providers
  • Having availability to the same industry experts working with your Customers in the areas of Governance, Data Analytics and Supply Chain Design

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