Strategic Alignment

With leadership and the correct tools, we can evoke change and control when, where, how and at what pace change is realized.

To have good Governance, vertical and horizontal alliances to bring about desired change are needed. We have a process to bring together Global, Regional, and Local leaders, with diverse functions within an organization, to communicate directly, assuring strategic alignment on change. This assures business goals are known and met.

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“An effective governance methodology provides a team structure to assure roles and responsibilities are collectively known. Proper governance creates open communication channels for clear messaging throughout the organization, with a clear business case, budget, and ROI expectation focus. It coordinates activities to a dynamic plan that parallels business goals. And, it is done to a standard cadence of meetings to keep the enterprise directionally aligned.”

Rusty Coleman

VP, Digital Transformation

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Successful Governance Components:

Organizational Alignment

There must be a shared interest in the vision and deployment of resources to achieve transformation. Organizational alignment and structure are the foundation of transformation. Development and practical employment position an organization to address Industry 4.0 challenges successfully. Both large-scale programs and simple projects can benefit from proper alignment of people, process, and purpose.

Investment Request & Budget Alignment

An investment request needs to be supported by: a budget, a process to manage, people who are knowledgeable and responsible, and savings potential. Well run budgeting meetings (that follow a process and cadence) creates confidence at all levels of management. This control will ensure compliance audits are passed.

Schedule Agreement & Attainment

Programs and projects have many functional groups and vertical stakeholders. To save time, schedules must be adhered to (only modified with collective agreement from the team). Meetings assure obstacles are eliminated, resources are focused, and business realities are dealt with effectively. Every level of management should be keenly focused on the schedule as it is more important than program cost–schedule achievement means quicker ROI.

Technical Systems

Trends in technology growth are difficult to maintain due to the speed of the advances. There are, however, guidelines to ensure a path is achievable and relevant to business strategies. Information Technology has a vital role in the design, development and deployment of technology. Issues with technology can be very complex and require devotion and skill to be effectively resolved. Research, consultation, and supplier help all take part in solving the complex nature of technological transformation.


A lack of governance can lead to a team where roles and responsibilities are unknown, creating frustration and reduced productivity.

Improper, or lack of governance, causes miscommunication and muddled messaging throughout the organization, unclear objectives, and overspending. This results in activities that are misaligned to business goals. More often than not, this in turn leads to projects running over schedule and more meetings to correct these problems, pulling time away from more important tasks.

How it would help you

Program Administration

Governance provides a complete method of Management


Governance assures stakeholders are sought, known, and part of the team

Strategic Fit

Governance allows executive leadership opportunity to explore program fit


Governance creates needed committees to assure wholistic change

Policy Deployment

Governance assures company policy is part of deployment

Decision making

Governance gives ample voice to decision making and execution

Budget Management

Governance allows for effective monetary discipline


Governance expects and prepares for audit controls


Governance expects responsibility to be taken and used to teach next level leaders

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