Surgere Adds Performance and Value Realization Team

May 20, 2020


High-fidelity data coupled with new and deeper analytics provide incomparable insights and value to clients.

Green, Ohio (May 14, 2020) – Surgere today announced the addition of a Performance and Value Realization (PVR) team — a group hyper-focused on driving value to clients. Surgere’s Advanced Supply Chain Analytics, a vital tool for the PVR team, gives clients the visibility needed in today’s unpredictable world, allowing them to gain value through increased efficiencies and reduced costs.

Valuable analytics & Insights

“Surgere is known for our ability to provide 99.9% data accuracy; what people don’t realize is that the value our system is not just in the high-fidelity data – it’s also in the analytics.” States Rob Fink, Executive VP who manages the Program Management group, responsible for PVR. Surgere recently uncovered a problem at an OEM client that identified an issue they didn’t even realize existed. “Our PVR team was able to share with our client how to use analytics to identify an issue (mis-shipped goods), drill into the details (how much, where, during what shift, and what employees), and find a solution (training two forklift drivers who were causing 60% of the issues).” Especially during this time, clients take comfort knowing they don’t have to navigate these challenges alone or spend time searching for the issues at hand; With Surgere’s system in place, they can instead focus on the solution itself.

Robust experience and a passion for delivering value

Along with Fink, Surgere’s PVR team is led by newly appointed Brian Kelly, Director of Performance and Value Realization. Brian Kelly brings 11 years in Supply Chain Leadership & Strategy, 30 years of automotive experience including 14 years in information technology, and 5 years in materials management experience, he is a big believer in “dreaming big, executing to deliver and scaling fast.” Attributes Surgere’s clients need as they navigate into the future.

Surgere Supply Chain Analytics

A recent article from Gartner shared that by 2023, at least 50% of large global companies will be using AI, Advanced Analytics, and IoT in supply chain operations. With solutions encompassing that trifecta, Surgere’s supply chain solutions deliver the powerful visibility and insights needed.  Fueled by proprietary IoT devices delivering highly-accurate data capture (99.9%), companies experience factual and more valuable data, leading to a quicker ROI.

Whether clients are just starting the journey towards supply chain digitalization or recent events have made them rethink resiliency strategies, Surgere’s Supply Chain Analytics can provide.

  • – The identification of problems previously unknown
  • – Actionable directives and identified areas to focus on
  • – Access to a highly intuitive and interactive interface
  • – Reduced costs, gained efficiencies, and increased productivity
  • – A Solution as a Service financing opportunity requiring no capital investment
    • – Include hardware, software, returnable containers, AMR, and more.

Supply Chain leaders understand the importance of resiliency. They recognize the need for accurate data to feed sophisticated analytics systems. The investment in these and IoT devices will allow the supply chain to emerge stronger than ever, post COVID-19.

About Surgere:

Surgere, the leaders in supply chain resiliency, provides advanced asset visibility and management technologies throughout each segment of the Supply Chain. Surgere’s IoT platform empowers the world’s leading brands with unparalleled supply chain analytics, high-fidelity data, and sensor-based visibility solutions – all delivered with 99.9% data accuracy.  Clients see a dramatic reduction in costs, increases in productivity, and can experience a clear ROI in as little as six months with Surgere’s solution as a service module.