Surgere Expands

August 5, 2019

Source: IndeOnline.com

Supply chain innovator Surgere has opened a subsidiary on Mexico and is adding offices in Detroit and Nashville.

The Latin American operation — Technologias Avanzadas Surgere de Mexico — is located Aguascalientes, Mexico. With more than 1,300 suppliers and automotive plants within 200 kilometers of Aguascalientes, Surgere anticipates growth by setting up there.

David Hampton, Surgere’s vice president for international operations, said the company is expanding to provide “tactical, localized support for the implementation of Surgere’s technology globally.”

Making the international move helps Surgere, which is based at 5399 Lauby Road in Green, connect clients to its AutoSphere operation, which smooths supply line connections between parts suppliers and auto companies. Surgere’s efforts help AutoSphere members reduce costs and increase productivity through the supply chain.

“Central Mexico is the automotive hub for Latin America — making it a natural progression — and a welcomed challenge for us,” Hampton said in a statement announcing the move.

AutoSphere members are relying on Surgere to provide visibility in what has been a challenging area to get consistent information, Hampton said.

Surgere hopes to have the Mexico office fully staffed before the end of this year. Offices in Detroit and Nashville will be opened next year. The company said it also is considering expansion of its headquarters.

Surgere also has joined the Blockchain in Transportation Alliance, which shares a common mission to adopt blockchain technology and move it forward. The company believes blockchain will improve its ability to identify and and track transactions digitally, and to share the information.

Rusty Coleman, Surgere’s vice president of digital transformation, said blockchain “enables instant visibility of inventory transactions.” Continue reading.