Surgere Offers New Financing Option for Automotive Original Equipment Manufacturers

November 14, 2019

Source: SupplyChainBrain

Surgere announced a new proactive financing option available for Automotive Original Equipment Manufacturers and Suppliers. As a customer-focused financial solution, their new Accelerate program bundles the company’s hardware, software, packaging and engineering into a monthly service plan with zero upfront capital expenditure required.

“Our Accelerate program makes it easy and affordable for our AutoSphere clients to take advantage of today’s supply chain digitalization technology,” said William Wappler, President & CEO of Surgere. “Whether we use the term Industry 4.0 or IoT, our quickly evolving world requires constant innovation and change to stay ahead.  Accelerate was created to empower and support our client’s transition to a digitalized supply chain by delivering industry-leading technology in the most economical way possible.”

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