Surgere’s President and CEO presents at SCAC Event

December 2, 2016

South Carolina Automotive Council and Manufacturers Association hosted a meeting at Trident Tech in North Charleston, South Carolina.

Supply Chain Visibility: Import to Export event took place on November 10, 2016. The day started out with a tour of the South Carolina Wando Welch Terminal (WWT) Port. Discussions focused on foreign trade, logistics, and data management as well as best practices. Surgere, a sponsor of the event, hosted lunch for the participants and President and CEO William Wappler presented directly to Automotive Industry 4.0. With advanced data acquisition technologies such as RFID and GPS, interconnectivity, autonomous robots and real-time data and analytics capabilities, i4.0 promises new opportunity for optimization, transformation and visibility. Wappler also was present on a panel that explored supply chain complexities, financial opportunities, asset management and logistics challenges. The South Carolina Automotive Council’s Executive Director, Catherine Hayes moderated the event. South Carolina has a growing logistics infrastructure and a thriving automotive manufacturing environment.

To learn more about the South Carolina Automotive Council, click here: http://www.scautomotivecouncil.com – The SCAC is preparing for its annual SC Automotive Summit, surrounded by the state-wide Automotive Week, February 20-25. A great event to keep an eye on as details firm up: http://www.scautomotivecouncil.com/2017-auto-summit/



Surgere is the industry leader in automotive packaging visibility and control. Providing optimization through innovation, technology, engineering and financial solutions, Surgere is able to present a truly unique toolset to its clients, leading them to new opportunities in operational and financial business transformation through advanced analytics and business intelligence throughout all aspects of the packaging lifecycle and supply chain.

Surgere serves clients in the automotive, retail, consumer products and general manufacturing industries. Including companies such as Johnson Controls, Yanfeng, Cooper Standard, Grupo Antolin, Dana, Magna, Whirlpool, as well as Alcoa, Best Buy, IB-Tech, Polaris, The Timken Company, Tyco Electronics, and many others.