The AutoSphere Accelerator (v.2019.4)

April 19, 2019

AutoSphere Update

AutoSphere members gathered at the latest community meeting in Frisco, Texas on March 11th & 12th to discuss the ever-changing Automotive Industry. Representatives from six OEM’s came together to solve common problems throughout the supply chain. With sessions led by industry experts, data scientists, and specialists on digital transformation, this two-day event was packed with information on transforming the supply chain.

With 1551 suppliers on-boarding (minimally) throughout 2019, the AutoSphere community is making its mark on the automotive industry. You can see what we mean when we say AutoSphere has STRENGTH IN NUMBERS!

Numbers soar in some area’s over 6000% since AutoSphere’s inception in 2017. If you’re interested in learning more about how to leverage those 1551 sites for your deployment, please do not hesitate to contact the Surgere team directly. They’ve collected supplier data for over 85% of the North American Automotive Industry and are here to help you understand that master data and what it can mean for your business.

AutoSphere membership offers industry-wide data that allows members to gather more metrics, conduct benchmarking and take advantage of the strength and visibility provided as part of mass collaboration. The Surgere team is available to help your company create customized solutions and dig into the richer, deeper data, that membership provides.

AutoSphere questions should be directed to: 
Sarah Trescott, Marketing Manager
sarah.trescott@surgere.com | 330-806-1342

Surgere to Form Business Intelligence Group 

Surgere has announced its plans to develop a Business Intelligence (BI) group out of their Green, Ohio headquarters. Focused on data science and user experience, these designers will have a modern working suite and drive the digital innovation requirements of the Surgere client base.

The data science team will collect, store, and enrich data to drive the machine learning engines and artificial intelligence systems needed in today’s supply chain.  Application Program Interfaces will be developed to ensure Surgere’s cloud-based COS platform delivers connectivity with external data generators and are part of the client Supply Chain ecosystem. The user experience team will focus on dashboards, KPI’s, alerts and notifications, mobility, voice recognition, augmented reality and other digital innovations desired by the clients.

All solutions are being built on the Microsoft Azure Platform and utilize their services.  Surgere will employ additional tools and services to enhance their offerings and ensure client expectations are surpassed – ultimately creating “raving fans.”

Surgere’s Business Intelligence is on the digital path to vision realization! AutoSphere members are invited to reach out to discuss their specific data needs. The goal is to help you use this common framework to develop the tools that you need for your business. Surgere offers customized dashboards and widgets to help you understand and utilize the massive amounts of data collected by the system. When properly leveraged, our clients experience extensive cost reduction and an increase in productivity in as little as six months.

“Surgere has partnered with several higher learning institutions to assure we stay current on developing technology and data practices, enhance the institutions access to real-world experiences, and use these institutions to serve as incubators of talent for the journey ahead.” –    Rusty Coleman, VP of Digital Transformation at Surgere.

BI, Governance & Digital Transformation questions should be directed to:
Rusty Coleman, VP of Digital Transformation
rusty.coleman@surgere.com | 330-933-5007

New RFID Tag Order Process Launching Soon!

In response to client needs and Surgere’s continued growth, a new RFID tag ordering process is currently under development. Surgere expects to see an increase of more than 42% in the number of RFID tags in circulation through AutoSphere this year alone.

Clients will soon be able to order online using a pre-populated form customized with their container ID numbers and updated to reflect the number of tags per asset, cost, etc., saving them valuable time placing orders. In addition to a simplified ordering process, clients will also be able to track their order online and view its progress (PO sent, RFID tags printed, shipment date, etc.). The system will also house tracking numbers and asset ranges for each order.

“To continuously provide clients with ways to increase efficiencies and productivity is one of Surgere’s main goals. We are excited to support that by launching this new, robust system. It will provide our clients with a simple solution to increase the visibility of their orders and ensure efficiency throughout the entire process.” – Whitney Wappler, Commercial Manager of Sensor Technology at Surgere.

Tagging questions should be directed to:
Whitney Wappler, Commercial Manager, Sensor Technology
whitney.wappler@surgere.com | 330-354-6278

Surgere Technology Enhancements

Surgere’s technology team continues to drive innovation around supply chain visibility via its flagship product, COS. Surgere actively engages with numerous hardware and tag providers to expand the current list of AutoSphere approved technologies. AutoSphere members have access to all Surgere R&D efforts and are encouraged to submit new technologies to the team for review.  Statistically, 95% of reviewed technology does not meet Surgere’s strict standards required to maintain their 99.9% data acquisition metrics. According to Rob Fink, Surgere’s VP of Technology, “This not only saves our clients time researching in a highly complex space, but it gives us the opportunity to determine their needs and actively work together to create the best solution.”

Surgere has recently certified the following technologies for AutoSphere:

In addition, the team is preparing for the integration of new technologies into COS including new sensor-based technologies, the next generation AERIS device, drones, and more. Surgere is also redesigning the user interface of COS with a heavy focus on user experience and a modified supplier dashboard. This is the first of many upgrades’ users can expect to see to the current COS platform as Surgere expands their solution to include BI, deep learning, and market-wide identification of synergies.

Technology questions should be directed to:
Rob Fink, VP of Technology
rob.fink@surgere.com | 330-418-7954


Surgere’s mission is to “create raving fans,” which means our team is committed to supporting you every step of the way. If you have questions on how to get started, our technology, or about any of the above features, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Sarah Trescott, Marketing Manager
sarah.trescott@surgere.com | 330-806-1342