Sensor-Based Science

Unprecedented Accuracy

Sensor technology is the hardware that helps turn a physical object into a smart one (has the intelligence to report their interactions with one another, assess potential issues and take corrective action if necessary) and helps impart 360 degree visibility throughout the supply chain.

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Rahul Bhattacharyya

Chief Science Officer

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  • Assets like RTI containers are “tagged” with RFID transponders, which have a globally unique identifier
  • There are many different kinds of RFID tags for use on various materials

Avery Dennison 383 U7
Alien Squig
SmarTrac DogBone
Metalcraft Universal (Metal)
Confidex Ironside Slim (Metal)

Handheld RFID Readers

  • Specifically designed for mass data collection and validation of data received
  • Extremely efficient for conducting required cycle counts (read range of 60 ft +)
  • Collect data in bulk to send to COS (information is processed every 30 minutes)
  • Provides the flexibility to react to other uncommon situations, scan materials received through other entrances, and can be used outside or taken anywhere in your facility.

Zebra MC3390R
Zebra 9190Z
Alien ALR-H450
Trimble Juno T41


  • Specifically designed to automatically capture transactional data as soon as it passes through a dock door with a 99.9% data acquisition rate
  • Data sent to COS in real time and processed in real time
  • Autonomous -No process change
  • Frees up time spent manually scanning shipments
  • Allows you to conduct lane assignments

Impinj Speedway 420
Alien F800S*


  • An Autonomous Mobile Robot that completes cycle counts and inventories
  • Three RFID antennas for full single pass coverage
  • 82 degrees of coverage to reach tagged items even on tall shelving
  • Provide asset location via a 3D Map
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We complete rigorous testing to make sure the products that we work with live up to our strict standards. All certified products demonstrate the ability to provide RFID tag acquisition at a consistent rate of 99.9% and are durable enough for a warehouse environment.

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“There are a multitude of sensor technology options available such as Bluetooth, Zigbee, UWB, RFID and GPS. There is no ‘silver bullet’ technology that works everywhere and the best technology is picked by analyzing the application requirements, hardware capabilities and performing cost-benefit analysis.” -Rahul Bhattacharyya

We are currently investigating new tags, sleds (cell phones with RFID reader attachments), drones, and robots.

Surgere is continuously looking for new technology that can add value to the automotive supply chain and support the AutoSphere Community. We invite technology providers to work with us, connecting valuable technology—wherever they come from.


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