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Automotive OEM and Supplier Supply Chain Solutions

Track your production process, asset location, and returnables throughout your supply chain.


Build End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility – for OEMs and Suppliers - with Surgere and Interius

With nearly 2000 clients in the automotive space, it’s easy to see why the Surgere team are experts in automotive supply chain visibility. From packaging specification management to asset management and production control, Surgere has IoT supply chain solutions that the automotive industry can rely on.

Surgere’s deep expertise in automotive manufacturing environments and the critical reliance on returnable containers to keep everything running on schedule is brought to life by Interius. With 99.9% data accuracy, each OEM and Supplier can see exactly what they need to and keep their operations running. Returnable container tracking and shipping activity allows automotive clients to predict when returnables will be in their facility or in-transit to another facility. This provides key insights on when exceptions for corrugate may be needed to stay on top of the demand for products and finished goods.

What about when it’s time for new containers? Pack Spec, Surgere’s solution for packaging specification management ensures that packaging engineers spend less time manually communicating with suppliers and more time maximizing the design and production of the reusables and returnables that keep their companies’ warehouse operations in motion.

As materials, finished goods, and completed vehicles move from their point of origin to their destination, Surgere deploys IoT tracking technologies that give real-time insight and alerts to status, activity and any exceptions. This level of depth and data available to each automotive client means better planning, better execution and a higher degree of certainty than any other supply chain visibility solution in the market.

Surgere’s engineers work with each client to understand their needs and develop a solution that is scalable and repeatable across multiple locations or across the globe. From thousands of parts and components to large items and finished goods, Surgere’s team blends multiple IoT technologies with Interius to ensure you have data at your fingertips and supported decision making that improves your daily operations while saving money.

Post-installation, Surgere’s Operations team stays with you to monitor your system and ensure each team member has access and training. Your end-to-end supply chain visibility solution is met with end-to-end service for success.

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