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Visualize Your Supply Chain Operations

Create, design and integrate supply chain success throughout your organization

Engineering From Day One

When your team is asking the question, “where’s my stuff?”, it’s time to bring in the experts.

Surgere’s industry-leading engineering team is your first touchpoint to building a plan and uncovering answers to your questions. We start with planning and defining your needs. Before you know it, we’re on-site and checking out your facility and understanding the entire lifecycle loop of your goods and how they move from point A to point B.

When we build solutions, we consider maximizing scale and the time involved for deployment. This is where the cool stuff comes in. The Surgere team is skilled with leveraging technologies that cut down on planning and deployment time. From basic CAD drawings and on-site assessments to advanced methods like LiDAR, we can quickly diagnose the facility or location of your supply chain needs and clearly communicate why a technology or solution will work for you.

Integration Brings Data to Life

Surgere’s Interius software is an always-on gateway to your supply chain data. While we think it’s pretty great, we know that every organization is unique. To make sure your data is where you need it to be and can integrate with other enterprise systems, we’ve built Interius to be your reliable portal to your supply chain world that can also take in or feed out data to other tools for end-to-end visibility.

The data in Interius is yours and yours alone. With open API’s and other methods of data transfer, Surgere ensures you get the data when and how you want it. Some clients have integrated to and from Interius more than 30 times – standard ERP and WMS to custom-built internal tools. However you leverage your data, you can count on Interius to be the source of truth that drives your supply chain decision making and impacts company metrics and strategy.

Learn more about how we plan supply chain solutions and amplify the data for precise decision making.

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