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IoT Supply Chain Technology, Brought to Life with Interius

Solve Supply Chain Visibility Challenges with Surgere’s Interius Software

Interius is built on trusted and globally scalable Microsoft Azure technology. We built this dynamic tool to provide customers with a supply chain source of truth that seamlessly integrates with your enterprise systems and tools for complete, end-to-end insights.


IoT Supply Chain Intelligence for Every Asset

Data is the foundation for truth and accuracy in every organization. Trust the data about your supply chain and the assets you care about most with Interius. From Warehouse and Inventory Management, to Localization, to Lane Assignments, and Yard Management, Interius provides a foundation of truth and insights that allow you to make decisions quickly and accurately.

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Supply Chain 99.9% Data Accuracy

Interius is designed to work with IoT sensors, installed hardware and mobile devices to give visibility to the data you care most about. The ability to differentiate the critical supply chain data and insights you want, while filtering out the noise means the data you see makes your operations smarter and more informed, in real time.

Source of Truth

Organizations are flooded with data. Being able to rely on verifiable, auditable supply chain data means you can make smarter decisions and improve inventory planning, production control and shipment frequency. Your organization will benefit from this high quality of data accuracy as you integrate data to and from Interius. Enriching your supply chain data means a complete picture and certainty in decision making.

Real-Time Insights

When you delay a decision, you lose time and money. Interius enables real-time insights so you understand status, location and critical details about the state of your assets. Whether inside, outside or between your facilities, and whether it is at your facility or a supplier’s, Interius delivers up-to-the-minute information so you make confident decisions and keep your day moving. With 14 standard reports and the ability to configure specific views and integrations to other enterprise data, Interius will be your go-to data source.

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