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Production Control and Access Management – Tool Tracking

Track the tools and machines that help make your work easier. With access zones, identity confirmation, and quick-find options for missing tools, your operations run efficiently and as expected.

How Does Implementing Tool Tracking Impact Your Warehouse Operations?

The tools you use and trust to your team are as valuable as the assets, materials and containers you track in your supply chain. Many tools require specialized training and can be as complex as stationery power tools and machinery that require their own user manual.

When you make an investment in these tools and machines, you want to ensure that the proper team members have access to them and if they are portable and handheld, you can find them quickly if they are misplaced.

Tool crib and tool tracking solutions allow you to control access to tools and validate identity prior to use.

Surgere Solutions for Tool Crib and Tool Tracking

IoT technology provides many advantages in tool and machine tracking. From setting up designated usage and storage zones to properly identifying the user of each tool and machine prior to operation, you can gain insights to workforce efficiency while keeping your team safe.

Many IoT technologies can work for these common tool management needs. RFID, Bluetooth (BLE), and Ultra Wideband (UWB) can all be deployed individually or in combination to track hand tools to fixed power machinery to man-driven and autonomous vehicles.

Surgere’s engineering team will review your facility, operational needs, and tools and machinery that you need to track in order to recommend a solution that works in a single facility or across many facilities in your network.

During installation, all hardware and tags or sensors will be fine-tuned to ensure 99.9% data accuracy in your warehouse or location.

Using Interius, our SaaS toolset, you can access that tool location data any time, on any device. Interius also allows you to configure alerts and notifications, so you have the latest information, at a glance.

Interius Tool Crib and Tool Tracking Benefits

  • Real-time location information based on location and access control
  • Quickly locate your tools and machines within inches, minimizing labor time and allowing you to focus on critical process needs
  • Alerts for any exceptions or unplanned activity
  • Track hand tools, fixed machinery or mobile vehicles within a facility

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