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Yard Management

Yard Management Improvements, Planning and Visibility

Plan Efficient Yard Space Usage, Track and Find Assets, Control Cube and Trailer Movement

Yard Management Software allows companies to understand the position of assets within their outdoor storage space, or yard. Yard Management programs focus on the location of assets – both specific assets and their storage units – making them easy to find and continue manufacturing or shipping operations with ease. Many Surgere clients find value in Yard Management with Interius as it reduces the need for door-swingers or teams that spend their days opening and closing trailers and storage containers looking for a specific item. Yard Management software allows efficiencies like reduction in time and machine power to hunt and find materials, improving production throughout and shipping volume.

How Does Yard Management Software Impact Your Supply Chain Operations?

Efficient yard management software ensures you can spend time focused on production, goods processing, receiving, and shipping. It all starts with understanding the location and status of your assets or containers. When you can quickly pinpoint location and find the needed materials or finished goods, your work shifts run more efficiently, allowing you to hit operational goals and eliminate wasted activity throughout the day.

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Surgere Solutions for Yard Management

Regardless of the industry you work in or the facility layout, Surgere’s Interius software provides the insight needed for the foundation of a Yard Management program. Interius is your go-to resource to find tagged and tracked assets and allows the integration of multiple technologies to your supply chain visibility solution. RFID, BLE, GPS and UWB all provide viable options and allow mass-tracking of sizable inventory needs or pinpoint accuracy of high value materials and finished goods.

Best of all? You can access this data and manage your yard inventory from mobile devices, unlocking time savings across your daily operations and production needs.

Yard Management Software also integrates with your internal supply chain asset tracking needs, combining to give you key elements in end-to-end supply chain visibility initiatives.

The power of 99.9% data accuracy and real-time insights mean you get the data you need, when you need it.

Interius Yard Management Features

  • Save time by eliminating door-swinging and other hunt-and-find activities
  • Increase productivity with easy to configure business rules and enterprise software system integrations
  • Maximize transportation schedules with 3PL/4PL vendors
  • Real-time visibility to status and location of assets

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