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Precision IoT Asset and Production Tracking Indoors and Outdoors

When Real-Time Location (RTLS) and Traceability within Inches is Critical for Your Supply Chain Operations, Material Tracking and Finished Goods Findability, Localization Supply Chain Solutions are the Answer.

In indoor and outdoor scenarios, Surgere’s team enables precision location information, tracking paths of movement, and key transactional information with our localization solutions.

Surgere’s team works with your organization to determine solutions for RTLS and localization that result in technology solutions integrating RFID, UWB, BLE and cellular IoT devices with your facility operations.

Want to see our Indoor and Outdoor Supply Chain Localization solutions in action? Request a demo or site visit.

Indoor Localization

Advance your asset and production data with precision location information. Indoor localization solutions from Surgere ensure the ability to track your most valuable assets while in-motion or when at rest. This information allows you to know exactly where the items or materials are in real-time, including status and related data that can inform your operational decisions daily. Real Time Locating Systems (RTLS) can be built with always-on, battery-powered, active IoT technologies such as UWB, GPS and BLE, but can also integrate low-cost, passive RFID to scale across a large volume of trackable items.

Outdoor Localization

You shouldn’t lose visibility and tracking when you move into a yard or outside of dock doors. Quickly identifying and tracking assets outdoors can greatly reduce labor time and optimize operational tasks. Even better, the data collected can begin to inform your decisions and help recognize trends of your warehouse and facility operations in real-time. Finding your materials, finished products and production machinery like forklifts and containers with precision and confidence means less waste, fewer lost assets, and increase in production quality and volume. Similar to our indoor solutions, Surgere works with your team to choose the best IoT technologies for outdoor environments, and configures those devices to ensure you see the data you want, when you want it.

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