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Supply Chain Asset Indoor Localization

Precision Location Tracking for Assets and Machinery to Improve Supply Chain Workflow and Operations Planning

What is Indoor Localization for Supply Chain?

Tracking your assets, machinery and production process inside your facility is considered Indoor Localization. Indoor Localization efforts allow you to quickly find and locate a specific asset, container or machine while also understanding if any one of those are in the wrong place or something is happening to it that is not expected. Indoor localization works with X, Y, Z coordinates to ensure data accuracy within inches.

How Does Implementing Indoor Localization Impact Your Supply Chain Operations?

Basic asset management or asset tracking typically only includes tracking the asset as it moves through key production choke points or other inbound and outbound shipping activities. This provides point-in-time transactional information that is used to validate process and location, but not the activity between those transactions.

Localization adds components of directionality and time that allow visibility to the asset as it moves, in real-time.

Implementing a localization solution is critical when you end up misplacing materials, need to track time spent in a zone, or ensure that the proper tools and machines are where they need to be.

Surgere Solutions for Indoor Localization

Localization solutions can be deployed using multiple IoT technologies. RFID and Ultra Wideband (UWB) are the most common solutions, with RFID solutions leveraging overhead readers for whole-facility tracking.

Bluetooth (BLE) options for localization also exist and are ideal when the assets are high-value or you need a solution that uses minimal infrastructure.

Surgere’s engineering team will review your facility, operational needs, and assets that you need to track in order to recommend a solution that works in a single facility or across many facilities in your network.

During installation, all hardware and tags or sensors will be fine-tuned to ensure 99.9% data accuracy in your facility or warehouse.

Using Interius, our SaaS toolset, you can access that location data any time, on any device. Interius also allows you to configure alerts and notifications so you have the latest information, at a glance.

Interius Indoor Localization Benefits

  • Real-time location information provides certainty and proper planning
  • Quickly locate your assets within inches, minimizing labor time and allowing you to focus on critical process needs
  • Alerts for any exceptions or unplanned activity
  • Track raw materials, containers, pallets, racks, or machinery

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