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One Size Fits None

From trusted and scalable RFID to precision of UWB, BLE, and GPS – We understand it all

Many Technologies – Many Solutions

Material, quantity, environment, data needed, temperature, moisture, budget. All factor in to choosing the right technologies for your supply chain data needs.

Surgere’s clients understand that there is no one-size-fits-all. Some solutions are budget-friendly and easy to scale with less frequent location updates, and sometimes you need precision and real-time location within inches.

Regardless of your environment and operational requirements, Surgere can match the right sensors, tags, and hardware to your needs. Deploying UWB or BLE alongside RFID is very common when tracking expensive machinery in combination with a large volume of products. Merging GPS location data with other technologies provides location and direction of movement. Whatever the combination chosen for your needs, the proper layering and confluence of those technologies is why companies across the globe trust Surgere.

Research and Development – Technology Testing

At our dedicated R&D lab, we are constantly testing and validating different communication protocols and the hardware that makes up a solution. If we can’t validate performance to guarantee accuracy of data, it doesn’t make it into your hands.

Once the solution is deployed in your facility or throughout your operations, we conduct regular sensor assessments and system monitoring to ensure your investment is performing as expected. If any anomalies or opportunities for improvement are discovered, we’ll be the first to let you know.

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