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AutoSphere Gains Altitude, Faster than Ever

The Surgere Automotive Supply Chain Community has reached record numbers. The community’s amazing growth includes 136 sites in North America and 64 sites in Asia Pacific since January 2020.

AutoSphere is a large community of OEMs and suppliers that have come together to use a common set of processes and data transactions to manage packaging and parts supply chain transactions more effectively. It is the automotive industry’s most effective supply chain management process – delivered through massive collaboration. Community members experience more efficiencies and cost savings by having the right container and rack assets, at the right place, at the right time.

Our members benefit with the impressive growth of the AutoSphere community, by becoming better supply chain practitioners. This increases productivity while decreasing operating costs. True visibility and trusted data are the only supply chain foundations that allow for sustainable and resilient supply chain. AutoSphere members are leading the way. The growth of the community provides the members with a very large and active sandbox to test new and improving technologies.

The Power of Three

Autosphere members benefit in three primary areas. First, their field of vision is expanded, allowing every member to have a wider view of where their assets are located. The opportunity to monitor real time and recover containers, racks, and parts is greatly enhanced and expanded, resulting in cost reduction statistics that are extremely positive and improving.

Second, the increase in data provides members the ability to better understand best practices across the community. The billions of additional data points provide a strong reference for AutoSphere members to judge where productivity and cost can be improved. They compare themselves to many companies, all sharing insights into supply chain performance metrics.

Third, Surgere Research and Development is greatly enhanced by deploying multiple types of sensor technologies into a broader base of applications. It takes experience and effort to move from supply chain theory using IoT to creating trusted supply chain visibility.

Year over year, Surgere’s customer base has grown – adding OEM, Tier 1, and Tier 2 suppliers all relying on our hardware, software, and category-leading consulting services

Our clients see a dramatic reduction in cost, an increase in productivity, and experience a clear ROI in as little as six months with our solution as a service module.

As many industries turn their thoughts to post-Covid operations, more efficient systems, processes, and AI solutions will be paramount. Surgere is well positioned to serve them all, delivering the right parts and the right packaging at the right place at the right time. Moving forward, decision-makers will need easy deployments, reduced risk, and quick ROI.. Surgere provides high quality, digital technology with experienced resources and a community of practitioners that are second to none.

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