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How Better Data Makes Better Drivers

Until the late 1980s, data was almost completely absent from racing and race teams. Before advancements in data, chief mechanics worked closely with the driver to figure out ways to make the car work how they’d like. At first, there was even a bit of hesitation among race car drivers to use data. No one wanted to have their actions recorded electronically. Who wants to admit that they didn’t take a corner at full throttle? However, once data began to make cars quicker and improve performance, drivers couldn’t get enough.

Over the years, data revealed discoveries about performance factors such as aerodynamics, suspension, tires, and driver input. Data from the race car helps engineers understand the health of a car, particularly in relation to temperate and pressure. With all the pieces coming together through clear, reliable data, teams could make strategic decisions based on the driver and way the car responds.

Today, data proves to be the key to winning over and over again.

Evolutions of data and technology are changing the way teams compete in motorsport, but even with all the advancements over time – there is still a visibility gap for many race teams.

It all comes down to this: the better data you have, the better driver you will be. No matter how skilled a racer is on your team, your driving is only as good as your data. You need accurate and reliable data to drive performance and earn wins.

Speed and accuracy are synonymous with racing. With wins and losses decided in fractions of seconds, there is no time to waste. The ability to monitor and capture real-time performance and convert that data into a winning strategy is every race teams wish.

The ability to understand what’s happening over time with the wear and tear of parts saves dollars and drives performance. There is so much to discover with visibility into monitoring authenticity, mileage, usage, or consumption per part for race regulations.

IoT and RFID technologies designed especially for the racing industry are making the way to the track to fill the gaps in race team’s data pools. Surgere Motorsport is deploying patented software and certified hardware to help race teams gain visibility, disrupting the idea of what technology can do on the track. It is captured and displayed for smart decision making, and ultimately, wins.

Whether you are racing in Indy, IMSA, or Formula One, better data will drive efficiency and lead to better performance on the track.

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