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Tech Talk: Power of the Portal-RFID Portal Technology Explained

Surgere utilizes various types of IoT Technology and devices to acquire high-fidelity data throughout clients’ supply chains, one of these devices is the UHF RFID Smart Portal. The Surgere portals work in tandem with other technology components to achieve a 99.9% data acquisition rate; these technology components include ultra-high frequency (UHF) Passive RFID tags. Portals are utilized to provide visibility of tagged material moving through outbound and inbound dock doors between facilities as well as material moving within a facility through defined chokepoints. Portals are available in various footprints and can also be deployed for lineside visibility initiatives. Additionally, Surgere portals can be utilized outdoor for providing visibility to cars, trucks, or equipment movement outdoors. RFID Smart Portals are a powerful data acquisition tool that is valuable in driving actionable insights for Surgere clients.

Surgere Utilizes Ultra High-Frequency Passive RFID

Passive Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) utilizes UHF radio waves to securely acquire and transmit data between a reader and tag to identify, categorize, and track assets. Passive RFID tags do not require an internal power source and instead utilize the energy transmitted from a reader to be interrogated and provide a subsequent response. Passive RFID tag technology is available in a multitude of form factors, all of which include a chip (memory) and antenna embedded into a tag, which is then placed on an asset. Another device, often called a “reader”, activates the Passive RFID tag, which broadcasts the information stored on the tag’s chip to the reader. Surgere often selects Passive RFID for IoT solutions for various factors including scalability, cost-effectiveness, accuracy, form factor, and read volume per transaction. Additionally, the durability and limited maintenance required often make Passive RFID Surgere’s IoT technology of choice.

Portal Process Flow

RFID Portals allow users to introduce IoT technology for visibility solutions with minimal impact to the current process due to the autonomous nature of data capture. The RFID Portal emits a frequency into a defined read zone. As RFID tagged assets move through the read zone, they are activated by the reader housed in the portal. Following activation, information from each serialized asset is then transmitted back to the reader. Then this information is passed to Surgere’s software, Interius™, where it becomes actionable insights for client partners.

Patch vs. Wave Antenna Technology

Different types of antenna technology are utilized for UHF Passive RFID solutions, including wave antenna technology and conventional patch antenna technology. Patch antennas are used commonly with most stand UHF RFID operations, however, Surgere utilizes wave antenna technology for portal monitoring.

Wave RFID antenna provides unparalleled performance. The wave antenna is a combination of linear and circular polarization antennas. These antennas provide a more consistent read field and are tag orientation independent, meaning more flexibility with the location of the tag. The wave antenna generates multiple crisscrossing beams of RF energy. This creates maximum RF illumination in the coverage area, making it possible to obtain 99.9% read efficiency even when moving hundreds of tagged items through the dock door.

RFID Portals in Action

Surgere has deployed portals for various solutions including a Returnable Packaging Management for automotive OEMs and their supply base to Raw Material and Work-In-Process Inventory Control Solutions inside a large beverage manufacturer.

See the portals in action.

Your All-in-One Visibility Solution: Interius™

Surgere’s Interius utilizes the power of the portal and UHF RFID technology to provide end-to-end visibility both inside and outside your facility’s four walls. Interius™ encompasses Surgere’s expanding sensor-based technology to accurately gather activity data. It is comprised of specific modules to enhance visibility through every part of your supply chain including yard management, waste management, and container management.

Learn more about how portal technology can level up your supply chain. Let’s chat!

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