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The Only Certainty is Uncertainty? Think Again.

Today’s headlines speak to the realities encountered by supply chain and operations professionals to secure materials for them to support customer demands.

One thing is for sure: there will always be some outside force posed to disrupt your supply chain. Complications include:

· The inability to interconnect suppliers and platforms

· The difficulty of having coordinated cross border activities

· The impact of geopolitics

· The lack of sufficient technology

· General day-to-day disruptions

Are You Resilient Enough?

Recent events have propelled the supply chain to be top-of-mind across industries and organizations. Disruption adversely affects business and, in turn, profits, brand confidence, and customer loyalty. Is your supply chain posed to take disruptive hits?

Surgere automates your manual supply chain processes with 99.9% data accuracy so you can find your stuff with certainty and combat unforeseen disruptions.

How do we do it? We follow the tag. Whether we use RFID, UWB, BLE, GPS, or any other asset identification tags, Surgere tells you not only when a truck departs and arrives but what’s on the truck. Tag, track, and locate parts, reusable containers, dollies, trailers, and finished goods inside your facility and out. From part production through customer delivery, Surgere follows it.

When Surgere follows a tag, you can be certain of:

· Material Location

· Asset Identity

· Part Authenticity

· Production Milestone Data

· Transportation Efficiency

· Supply Chain Transactions

· Improved Throughput

· Inventory Certainty for Planning

· Becoming known as an environmentally responsible brand

Surgere cannot change the headlines of disruption, but we can put you in the position to minimize disruption to your operations and create your own positive headlines of customer satisfaction.

Be Certain. Connect with an expert.

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