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Why We’re Committing to More Sustainable Supply Chains (and Why You Should Too)

Supply chains are a year-long contributor to environmental damage to the Earth.

The damage is significant because supply chains operate globally, require thousands of miles of transportation each day, create astronomical levels of waste, and use a substantial amount of resources like energy and cardboard.

We feel the urgency from supply chain professionals, shareholders, and activists for more available options to make sustainable supply chain choices and are acting on it.

For Surgere, this initiative isn’t about “greenwashing” or supporting sustainability in a trendy way. It’s about providing real and attainable sustainable solutions.

Sustainability is one of four pillars of our organization – accompanied by security, profitability, and community.

This Earth Day, we are symbolizing our commitment to sustainable supply chain solutions with a public promise and a financial pledge.

We are buying back a portion of our client’s carbon emissions through Cloverly, proving our dedication and seriousness to helping them operate sustainably.

The next step is to empower those clients with more sustainable supply chain solutions like

· Intelligent Waste Stream to monitor and reduce waste,

· Returnable Container Management to reduce expedites and cardboard, and

· Package Specification Management to create efficient packaging for right-sizing trailers and fewer trucks on the road.

With regulations from the SEC on the horizon, sustainable operations and capturing emission activity will be crucial for businesses. We will help clients get the sustainable information they need to share with stakeholders at 99.9% data accuracy.

Supply chain sustainability can no longer be an estimate or guess. The time has come to be certain.

Learn more about Surgere’s sustainable supply chain solutions:

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