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Asset Management

Track your most critical assets with 99.9% data accuracy.

Mapping your Supply Chain – Upstream and Downstream – Begins with Solving the Most Common Need of All Organizations: Asset Management

When you answer the question “Where’s My Stuff?”, you create the foundation of insights and real-time data that enable smarter decision making while building the interconnected web that progresses your supply chain management to the next level.

Surgere’s team works with your organization to determine solutions to asset management that result in technology solutions integrating RFID, UWB, BLE and cellular IoT devices with your facility operations

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Returnable Container Management

Integrating returnable and multi-use containers into your supply chain operations and inventory management decisions ensure long-term sustainability that reduces single-use and corrugated packaging needs.

Returnable containers are typically plastic or metal and will hold many products, items and SKUs based on your manufacturing requirements. Surgere was started in 2014 with the goal of tracking these containers across OEM and supplier companies. Since then, our perfection of the science needed to track and understand status of these containers and the products and materials they hold has allowed us to build a foundation of 99.9% accuracy and deliver real time insights.

Packaging Specification Management

The ability to move assets in and out of your facility quickly and with expected outcomes starts with packaging. What your suppliers send you needs to match the requirements of your production process, allowing your team to quickly receive, process and store materials, ingredients and components with certainty. Surgere and Interius enable you to determine these packaging needs, lock in a specification, and engage suppliers to create packaging that speeds up your operations. Manage the complete packaging workflow with Pack Spec.

Mobile Asset Management

When your inventory leaves your facility and travels to a distribution center, another warehouse, or an OEM, you need assurance of location and environmental factors. If your assets are temperature or moisture sensitive, your delivery may be ruined in transit, causing costly rework and lost revenue and time.

What about when your assets are high value? Real-time tracking is critical to guarantee delivery time and unexpected route exceptions. Surgere integrates IoT cellular technology with Interius intelligence so you can track assets anywhere in the world.

Cross Dock and Supplier Inventory Management

Surgere understands the need to improve your production operations and the related inbound and outbound shipments. Efficient movement of assets and understanding of first in-first out requirements gives you confidence that you will work on the most important tasks in your day. Interius unlocks insight to cross dock, lane assignment and incoming inventory management so you get the right product where it needs to be while reducing uncertainty in materials availability.

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