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Production Control and Warehouse Management

Easily understand every inbound and outbound activity while unlocking key location data both inside and outside. Forecast material needs and confidently communicate production capacity to your customers.

How Does Implementing Warehouse Management Information Impact Your Operations and Supply Chain?

Warehouse management is a core function of each facility and location in your network. Warehouse management systems can forecast material and goods needs, track production processes from start to finish, understand put away and storage locations, and create the needed documentation for shipping activities.

To properly implement warehouse management tools, it starts with visibility and accuracy of data. Tagging and tracking your assets, following your production steps, and properly handling all inbound and outbound shipping activities mean you have the data needed to make better operational decisions and communicate to all suppliers and customers in your network.

Surgere Solutions for Warehouse Management

Whether you work indoors or outdoors, Surgere’s team has installed IoT technology for supply chain visibility in many environments. It all starts with inbound and outbound shipping activities. BOL generation, lane assignments and cross dock activities keep you running smoothly.

When your production processes are underway, tracking technologies ensure that every key production point is followed for every piece, part and container. That level of auditable accuracy and reliability means you quickly understand any exceptions or out-of-process activities.

Finally, as you move around your facility and store products and materials before shipping, IoT supply chain technology allows you to see items as they move, and track them within inches when you need to find them to proceed to the next step.

Best of all, this data is available at your fingertips or can be easily integrated into other enterprise supply chain and operations systems, giving you a holistic view of what’s happening and when.

Surgere’s engineering team will review your facility, operational needs, and tools and machinery that you need to track in order to recommend a solution that works in a single facility or across many facilities in your network.

During installation, all hardware and tags or sensors will be fine-tuned to ensure 99.9% data accuracy in your warehouse or location.

Using Interius, our SaaS toolset, you can access that tool location data any time, on any device. Interius also allows you to configure alerts and notifications, so you have the latest information, at a glance.

Interius Warehouse Management Benefits

  • Real-time location information provides certainty and proper planning
  • Quickly locate your assets within inches, minimizing labor time and allowing you to focus on critical process needs – no more door swinging or aisle walking.
  • Alerts for any exceptions or unplanned activity
  • Track raw materials, containers, pallets, racks, or machinery throughout the entire warehouse handling process.

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