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Packaging Specification Management

Plan and automate engineering steps in your master data creation.

End-to-End Digitized Packaging Management Specification and Workflows – from Part to Pack

Successful supply chain operations begin with reliable packaging specification and vendor management. Surgere’s Pack Spec tool for Packaging Specification Management provides an all-in-one solution for definition of the packaging need, management of the vendor bid process for packaging creation, and long-term source-of-truth to ensure you get repeatable results as your packaging requirements change.

Packaging engineers across the globe rely on Pack Spec as a go-to toolset that integrates with the larger Interius solution to define and manage the specification and creation of plans, leading to the vendor communication and selection process. Whatever the manufacturing needs may be, Pack Spec enables part, pack and container master data at your fingertips.

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What is Packaging Specification Management?

Packaging specification is considered a form of master data for an operational team. Specifications often include details on material requirements such as size and construction, but can also include information regarding internal structure or dividers and details to ensure proper coatings and lifespan expectations. Manufacturing companies rely on this critical information to ensure that suppliers and vendors properly pack and send materials and finished goods throughout the supply chain. Managing these specifications and plans internally allows for real-time updates and changes over time.

How Do Package Specifications Impact Your Supply Chain Operations?

With ever-changing local, regional, national and international requirements on manufacturing and production, a common understanding and library of specifications ensures that your operations comply with regulations, quickly accessing plans and requirements when needed as part of the production and shipping processes. A common library and master data set of packaging specifications also allows for consistency and efficiency in daily processes, reducing time spent on regular communications with suppliers and staying up to date with pricing fluctuations of packaging materials.

Surgere Solutions for Packaging Specification Management

Surgere has developed Pack Spec, part of the Interius SaaS tool, to serve as a one-stop location for your entire packaging specification management process. Pack Spec is available in multiple languages and allows for custom workflows, vendor management and master data storage. Pack Spec data can easily integrate into your other supply chain management solutions, providing end-to-end visibility for your warehouse and shipping operations. 

Interius Pack Spec Benefits

  • Digitized, customizable packaging specification workflows
  • Packaging vendor and manufacturing supplier management through real-time communication
  • Integration with returnable container and asset management systems
  • Time savings for packaging workflows by up to 60%
  • Real time reporting and notifications

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