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Supply Chain Asset Management – Mobile Assets

Track Pallets, Racks, and Any On-The-Move Asset in Your Supply Chain

What Are Mobile Assets?

When a pallet, rack, sack, or container leaves your facility and is enroute to another facility or a storage yard, it’s a mobile asset. Mobile assets are usually tracked with an active IoT technology such as GPS or Cellular (4G/5G) tracker, but may also be trackable with Wi-Fi, Ultra Wideband (UWB), and Bluetooth (BLE).

Once you have identified your most valuable assets and materials, the Surgere team will work with you to determine the best technology or combination of technologies to ensure that your mobile assets are always trackable.

How Do Mobile Assets Impact Your Supply Chain Operations?

After production or manufacturing is complete, and even when raw materials and assemblies are moved from warehouse to warehouse, tracking their movement is important to planning timelines and ability to produce the needed quantities that your customers need. When those assets and materials are high value or you want the precision that mobile tracking technologies can provide while the assets are on the move, then always on technologies for tracking are the answer.

Once in place, you get real-time intelligence about the location, status and any unexpected exceptions to the on-time delivery of the materials.

Surgere Solutions for Mobile Asset Management

Surgere can integrate multiple IoT technologies to enable Mobile Asset Management and insights. A popular choice is GPS and cellular (4G and 5G) technologies. These always-on tools work like your cell phone to transmit a signal about location and other status items (temperature, moisture, light exposure) in time intervals that fit your requirements.

Using Interius, our SaaS toolset, you can access that location data any time, on any device. Interius also allows you to configure alerts and notifications so you have the latest information, at a glance.

Interius Mobile Asset Management Benefits

  • Real-time location information provides certainty and proper planning for what’s next
  • Reduce transportation costs with route optimization for each load
  • Alerts for any exceptions or unplanned changes in the route
  • Flexibility to track pallets, racks, and containers

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