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Is Your Packaging Process Outdated?

Check out these three benchmarks.

Companies across the globe have outdated and inefficient processes in place to manage packaging requirements for products and parts. These processes can’t keep up in our fast-paced world.

Here are three signs your packaging management process may be outdated.

1. Long Part Plan Approvals

Today, many package processes are manual, labor-intensive, and can take months to collect, compile, and approve packaging specifications. You have multiple files saved to your computer, making it difficult to find the most current packaging data form.

It can take 16 months to obtain 30% completion of processing and approving PDFs.

What if you could obtain 80% completion in only two months?

2. Environmentally Insensitive

Complete packaging plans optimize box space, prevent damage during transport, and save on freight costs.

Efficiently designed packaging and dunnage fit more products within each pack and more packs on the truck. Fewer trucks mean reduced freight costs and less CO2 emissions polluting the air.

The longer it takes to approve and process plans, the more potential environmental harm.

Efficient packaging processes lead to quicker sustainable advantage.

3. Excel Sheets and Manual Processes

Managing workflows through manual processes like excel sheets adds extra time and confusion. Sorting through the various versions of files is an inefficient way to get packaging approved.

The package specification management process is frustrating and lengthy without a uniform and controlled process that tracks changes and collects validated packaging data.

Throughout various versions, email exchanges, and files, the plan history is lost.

Do These Headaches Hit Home? Digitalize with Interius™ Package Specification Management.

Using Package Specification Management in the Interius™ software suite, supply chain professionals achieve significant time savings ROI by reducing the time spent chasing part plan approvals and reviews.

The web-based application

· Collects Accurate Packaging Data

· Offers Real-time Reporting

· Calculates quotes on one central, easy-to-use platform

Save time and money with

  1. Preliminary sourcing. Request packaging and pricing from multiple suppliers for the same part plan.
  2. Approval workflows. Create your own configured user groups for approvals with automated emails to tell you what to review and by when.
  3. Part revisions. If you need to change an already approved part plan, you simply resubmit the request to your supplier for a revision.
  4. Part Plan Matrix. You can easily find approved part plan documents – speeding up your compliance checks.

Learn more about Interius™ Package Specification Management or contact one of our supply chain professionals.

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