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5 Simple Beginner Steps to Sustainable Manufacturing

Manufacturing and supply chains are a year-long contributing factor to CO2 emissions, waste, and other environmental impacts. Here are five easy steps to begin meeting sustainable goals.

1. Recycle batteries. Some technology used in your facility runs on batteries that need disposed of and replaced over time. Recycling the batteries in these devices is an easy first step in becoming more sustainable at your manufacturing plant.

Our clients that use Zebra devices can find battery recycling instructions here:

2. Recycle containers. On average, returnable packaging lasts about 10-12 years. When a container comes to the end of its life, it’s important to dispose of the packaging sustainably.

There are easy and efficient ways to recycle your containers:

3. Dispose of waste correctly. It’s no secret that production facilities create a lot of (sometimes hazardous) waste. It’s important to know how to safely dispose of these materials in a sustainable way.

Check out this guide from the EPA on Industrial Waste:

4. Bring sustainability efforts home. Encouraging employees to practice environmental habits at home is a great way to build sustainability support throughout your organization. Run contests at work or give your employees resources to plant a tree, compost, etc.

Here are nine ways to be more sustainable at home:

5. Invest in sustainable technology. Sustainable manufacturing is growing in importance for organizations. Technology that supports sustainable operations from reduced cardboard to right-sizing vehicles to reducing carbon emissions is essential.

Learn more about ready-to-implement sustainable supply chain solutions available to you:

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