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Supply Chain Certainty with Surgere

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Globally, supply chains are failing at historical levels.

The failures we’re witnessing are complicated by many different attributes of our supply chains.

Today’s supply chains are highly interconnected; international in their makeup, meet geopolitical obstructions, and, of course, experience operational disruptions.

The most debilitating part of today’s reality is that supply chains are by and large, invisible.

These problems are impossible to solve without advanced technology.

At Surgere, we empower our clients with actionable insights by providing visibility to identity, location, and transaction history throughout their supply chain.

AND we provide that information with an unrivaled 99.9% level of accuracy. With Surgere, you can be certain.

How do we do it?

First, we follow the tag. But not all tags are equal. Whether we use RFID, UWB, BLE, GPS, or any other asset identification tags, Surgere engineers our tags to a 99.9% level of accuracy for each distinct use case.

How do we follow the tag?

Surgere uses a variety of IoT hardware in combination with our certified tags to ensure client success.

We optimize our technology to achieve a perfect “fit and function” for specific challenging requirements. In some cases, a single supply chain may use a combination of IoT solutions.

One of the most important aspects of “following the tag” is Surgere’s engineering.

Our solution engineers go on site, audit the environment, and select the appropriate IoT technologies to ensure we meet our client’s objectives.

As every supply chain professional knows, it’s very difficult to gain actionable insight in real time with an overwhelming amount of data, much less gain complete end-to-end supply chain visibility.

Every day, Surgere synthesizes millions of data points within a single software environment, Interius™,which clearly and simply shows our customers where to work, what opportunities exist to reduce cost and carbon footprint, and supports supply chain decision-making.

Imagine what it would be like to have the power of Interius in the palm of your hand.

Access localization, visibility, and transaction history, through real time alerts and notifications in your email and text messages.

Additionally, Surgere’s mobile artificial intelligence application expands possibilities to help you better manage your supply chain today, tomorrow, and in the future.

Surgere has many success stories, from North American Lighting to Mazda and many other brand names that you recognize as leaders in their industry.

We provide clients with unprecedented visibility in 26 States and 31 countries. At nearly 2,000 client locations, reading over 40 million tags, on more than 15 million assets, Surgere manages over 7 million transactions daily. Interius transactions are cloud-based on a Microsoft Azure platform. Azure provides the highest levels of cybersecurity and nearly eliminates server downtime. These benefits are the driver behind our selection of Microsoft as a cloud provider and engineering partner.

A well-run supply chain is an ecofriendly supply chain. One of Surgere’s greatest achievements is helping a client save over 2.7 million trees by reducing their corrugated packaging and associated carbon footprint. Surgere is proud to offer our Intelligent Sustainability Program as a new product.

With the ability to calculate ROI and environmental impact in real time, our clients quickly quantify their savings in dollars and carbon, simply by looking at a dashboard. Surgere justifies our clients’ investment every day.

There are many value propositions that go beyond ROI calculation and sustainability impact.

What other value do we bring our clients?

Using Interius, our clients…

lower packaging and part loss,

build labor efficiencies,

decrease production interruption,

optimize transportation,

minimize the use of corrugated packaging,

reduce expedites,

and better utilize warehouse space through visibility and location information.

All while becoming known as an environmentally responsible brand.

We’re often asked, how do we get started?

We’ve perfected a streamlined deployment and project management model through the experience of launching over 2,000 sites in North America.

We believe in a crawl, walk, run approach to launching a program.

Start slow.

Begin an investigation.

Develop success criteria, metrics, and governance.

Define and collaborate on a project plan and roadmap.

Launch a small proof of concept or phase 1.

Next, expand on proven results.

Audit and validate performance.

Build upon a successful foundation.

Finally, grow your supply chain community.

Your return on investment will be achieved earlier, and program success more easily realized if you simply follow our roadmap.

Is your supply chain resilient enough?

Contact us to discuss an assessment today.

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