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Food and Beverage Supply Chain Solutions

Automated process tracking, enterprise systems integration and production optimization

End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility for Food and Beverage Applications

Whether your products are dry goods or liquid, Surgere has IoT tools and software intelligence to ensure that the right products are sent out to customers after verification and tracking of production processes are complete.

Surgere deploys Interius software with tracking and scanning devices that track your most critical production steps. From conveyor and pallet moves to manual picking of individual items, Surgere has tools that provide insight and views of the data you care most about. This level of certainty allows you to focus on opportunities for process improvement and identification of anything that could cause delays or exceptions in delivering the boxes and pallets of product to their end destination.

With the complexity of food and beverage supply chains, many existing systems may already be in place and relied on for business intelligence and planning. Interius easily integrates data both to and from those systems to provide seamless views of how your supply chain operations and volume production impact all aspects of business intelligence and trend monitoring.

When it’s time for product put away or shipping activities, Surgere’s Interius tool steps up your abilities with pinpoint accuracy of products inside or outside of your facility. Quickly find what you need while also monitoring put away and storage trends to maximize workflow.

Surgere’s engineers work with each client to understand their needs and develop a solution that is scalable and repeatable across multiple locations or across the globe. From thousands of parts and components to large items and the need to verify products for authenticity, Surgere’s team blends multiple IoT technologies with Interius to ensure you have data at your fingertips and supported decision making that improves your daily operations while saving money.

Post-installation, Surgere’s Operations team stays with you to monitor your system and ensure each team member has access and training. Your end-to-end supply chain visibility is met with end-to-end service for success.

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Food and Beverage Supply Chain Solutions with Interius

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