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IoT Supply Chain Technology for Every Industry and Application

Solve Supply Chain Visibility for Every Manufacturing Environment with Surgere

Manufacturing environments are each unique and complex. From bulk operations with millions of parts to secure, codes and standards-driven scenarios, the common need to answer the question, “Where’s my stuff?” is all too familiar.

Companies often rely on spreadsheets and manual process to track and understand their supply chains. Surgere recognized these challenges early on and created Interius as a tool to provide visibility and support decision making. From automotive to general manufacturing to agriculture to food and beverage and pharma applications, Interius is the easy-to-use tool that exposes teams to the power of 99.9% data accuracy in any manufacturing environment.


IoT Supply Chain Intelligence for Every Industry

Every industry has unique needs and requirements for their supply chain operations. You may have different facilities or work with a supplier base. Factors such as building and environmental considerations, ceiling heights, dock doors, and access control all vary by industry and have a solution with Interius and IoT technology.

With more than 15 million transactions tracked each day, Surgere has the experience to scale globally with any size of organization.

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Building IoT Supply Chain Solutions for Any Industry

Surgere’s engineering team works with your enterprise and local teams alike to understand specific needs or requirements you have or need to adhere to, location-by-location or across all locations globally. This approach allows us to understand your exact needs and provide options for solutions that range from low cost and highly scalable to bigger investment for always-on visibility to your most critical activities and assets.

Because IoT technology is not limited in its application, the opportunities to track exactly what you need – in any environment – is a reality that can improve your visibility and process efficiency today.

Manufacturing Supply Chain Solutions

Everyone manufactures something. From raw materials processing to finished goods completion, each company needs to understand where their products are, what their status is, and what’s next for each case, pallet or full shipment. Or perhaps you have sensitive or limited access needs for those products and assets.

The same IoT technologies that provide 99.9% data accuracy and visibility to your assets and products can do the same for access control, process management and operational workflows. That level of accuracy and visibility means you get insight and real-time alerts when milestones are met, or something is out of process. Unlock the power of your daily operations with Surgere and Interius.

Automotive Supply Chain Solutions

Surgere’s automotive clients each fit into one of two categories – OEM or Supplier. The relationship between these two groups is critical to delivering finished vehicles on-time and on-budget. Surgere’s IoT supply chain solutions cut-their-teeth in the demanding automotive industry and have been proven to provide the data accuracy and insight that this industry demands.

Our understanding of the automotive industry runs deep – to the point where our automotive clients enjoy the shared data set and community we call AutoSphere.

Aerospace Supply Chain Solutions

Unlike automotive and traditional manufacturing environments, many people think that Aerospace means dealing with massive parts and components that must be easy to track simply due to size. Sure, airplanes and aerospace applications do mean a larger final end product, but the parts used and people allowed to work in those manufacturing environments can often be much more complex that other industries.

Surgere understands the demands of the aerospace industry and how sensitive some of the manufacturing environments can be. We are a member of many aerospace industry groups and employ team members with deep industry experience to ensure the solutions we deploy are relevant and scalable over time.

Agricultural Supply Chain Solutions

Like many industries, the equipment that agricultural applications use daily are the lifeblood of their ability to deliver the end products and goods that will supply many other industries, end users and most every person in the world with what they need to survive.

Whether you need to track your farm equipment and food processing machinery, or the team members that have access to sensitive access areas, or even the products you produce and ship out, Surgere has options for you. Solutions include more than just tracking your things. We will also show you how to guarantee product and goods authenticity, plan for production workloads, and improve daily operational efficiencies.

Food and Beverage Supply Chain Solutions

Similar to agricultural supply chain requirements, the food and beverage industry faces many challenges from governmental regulations to meeting consumer demand. As the food manufacturing process moves from start to finish, critical elements like expiration/spoilage and first-in, first-out (FIFO) data become more and more important.

If your food production supply chain components lack visibility and certainty, Surgere has solutions that provide the insight and details needed to operate more efficiently, every day.

Surgere understands the unique needs of Food and Beverage production operations and how important it is to know that each step is followed for every product sent out the door. The certainty that your production process is consistent and reliable means you can provide your customers and end consumers with the assurances they need that orders are correct and the product they are purchasing is the freshest possible.

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