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Agriculture Supply Chain Solutions

Track machinery, processing and production process, and dry or wet end products.

End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility for Agriculture Applications

The agriculture industry keeps much of the food supply chain running. That critical dependence means insight to machinery availability, crop processing and production, and shipping of end products has never been higher.

Surgere’s IoT supply chain solutions track and monitor each of these components to ensure accuracy and intelligence that every operations manager and supply chain team needs.

Machinery and parts are tracked with pinpoint precision to ensure that properly trained users are in the driver seat or using the tools at approved times. Clients gain intelligence that allows for maximizing production schedules and understanding potential worker safety issues.

As crops are harvested and you move from field to production facility, Surgere’s visibility solutions identify critical production steps and track each of them to validate that everything you need insight to is available at your fingertips in our Interius software.

Finally, as your goods move from your facility to a customer or processor, Interius provides details on where your sacks, storage containers and tankers are located for easy transportation and shipping management. This leads to increased throughput of inventory, maximization of storage processes and assurance that what should be sent out is exactly what is sent out.

Surgere’s engineers work with each client to understand their needs and develop a solution that is scalable and repeatable across multiple locations or across the globe. From thousands of parts and components to large items and the need to verify products for authenticity, Surgere’s team blends multiple IoT technologies with Interius to ensure you have data at your fingertips and supported decision making that improves your daily operations while saving money.

Post-installation, Surgere’s Operations team stays with you to monitor your system and ensure each team member has access and training. Your end-to-end supply chain visibility is met with end-to-end service for success.

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Agriculture Supply Chain Solutions with Interius

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