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Building Supply Chain IoT Solutions with Connected Products

Real-time visibility and accuracy with time-saving hardware and sensors that optimize your operations and workflow.

99.9% data accuracy in your supply chain through engineering, hardware, sensors, and software

The tools you use inside, outside, and between your facilities will be the most critical component to building end-to-end supply chain visibility. The proper hardware, tags and sensors, and software combine to provide the visibility you need while improving your daily operations and intelligence. Surgere certifies every piece of hardware and each tag and sensor that ends up at your warehouse or facility.

Combined with a rigorous governance process that ensures system and operational adoption at all of your facilities, the products integrated into your supply chain program become the key to unlocking the insights that will add value, reduce waste, and make your supply chain operations more efficient.

The Right Products for Each Situation and Business Need

Every manufacturing environment is unique and every business has specific data needs. Surgere’s engineering team works to understand these environments and your data needs to ensure the products recommended will deliver the 99.9% data accuracy that you need to drive business optimization.

Every solution will contain three critical components: tags and sensors, scanning and sensing hardware, and our SaaS tool – Interius.

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Quality Assurance in Every IoT Supply Chain Product

Surgere can only deliver the accuracy and data you need if we are certain that every piece of hardware and every sensor and tag is certified to work to the demands of modern manufacturing environments.

We have tested and verified our solutions in multiple manufacturing environment – metal heavy, those that involve liquid and moisture, extreme temperatures – and across some really cool places across the world: race tracks, mining operations, automotive manufacturing, and FDA-regulated food and beverage production (just to name a few).

Because the IoT solutions are flexible to any needs, we can find the mix of products and sensors that work best for your needs while providing the right level of accuracy and frequency of data that help you unlock the intelligence you need.

Overhead and Ceiling-Mounted Readers

When you want to move hardware off of the production floor and away from dock doors, overhead readers are the answer. This space saving option tracks inbound and outbound activity through dock doors and choke points, but can also track directionality, time in motion and time sitting static, and in some scenarios serve as a bulk commissioning option for your assets.

Handheld Readers, Scanners and Sleds

When your workforce is always on the go and you need the ability to commission an asset, find an asset, or mobilize your efforts for storage and retrieval, handheld hardware is perfect for you and your supply chain operations. Handheld devices can conduct cycle counts easier than ever before, help quickly find a specific asset or tag, and help enable localization efforts with GPS functionality.

Fixed Portal and Dock Door Readers

If your production and warehouse operations are repeatable and consistent, fixed readers like portals may be right for you. These devices are great for mass-scanning and acceptance of inbound and outbound shipping activities while also providing real-time verification that the right assets are headed to the right place. Requiring minimal human interaction and maintenance, fixed readers keep your material and assets flowing.

IoT Sensors and Tags

There is a vast amount of technology and thousands of sensor and tag types for your supply chain visibility needs. Need to scale across tens-of-thousands of assets and keep costs low? RFID is the way to go. Have a higher value asset that you need real time tracking and movement notifications? Ultra Wide Band (UWB) is a great solution. But what if your assets are outside or on the move between your facilities? GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), and Cellular technologies can all solve these challenges.

Even better is when these technologies work together to build a layered solution and unlock true end-to-end visibility. The Surgere team understands each of these technologies and works with scientific experts at MIT to ensure that every solution is best for your needs while staying on top of the latest options for each technology type.

Decode the alphabet soup of IoT sensor technology. Read more about each of them.

Interius Saas Platform

From the earliest days of Surgere, we recognized that all of the data generated by the hardware and sensors being installed for each client would be overwhelming. The only way to discriminate and display only the data that each client and facility team cared about was through the deployment of Interius.

Interius is a SaaS tool that is architected with Microsoft technologies. The security and scalability of Azure and IoT Hub allows us to easily deploy hardware and sensors in your facility while the real-time insights and data views in Power BI mean you stay on top of every business need.

Best of all, Interius is built to integrate data to and from your enterprise tools. This flexibility takes your supply chain insight to the next level and extends key information to other business intelligence tools so you can optimize more than just supply chain operations, delivering answers and insights across your entire organization.

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