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Supply Chain Sustainability

Easily understand the environmental impact of your supply chain.

Visualize how your supply chain can impact the environment, reduce your carbon footprint, and maximize your shipping activities.

Your company’s supply chain operations and manufacturing processes can have a significant impact on local, regional, national and international economies. Measuring that impact means you must understand your environmental impact and track sustainability initiatives.

From recycling to process improvements, sustainability means different things to different people and organizations. Surgere views supply chain and operational sustainability as the opportunity to reduce or eliminate manufacturing waste, maximize shipment planning, reduce lost or damaged containers, and transportation route optimizations.

With Interius, each of those components can be tracked and reported on in real-time, providing auditable data that can influence process change while seeing tangible results that impact sustainability metrics.

Understand and track your supply chain’s environmental impact with Interius and Surgere. Get a demo today.

How Do Sustainability Metrics Impact Your Supply Chain Operations?

Beyond documented reuse and recycle programs lies a commitment to end-to-end supply chain sustainability. This encompasses understanding and maximizing material use, ensuring efficient production process, tracking inbound and outbound inventory, and maximizing transportation routes. Each data point collected is able to give impactful reporting on waste and carbon usage while helping identify and predict points of improvement. When used across supply chain operations, Surgere has helped companies identify significant savings in time and labor in addition to greatly reduced carbon output.

Surgere Solutions for Sustainability

Surgere enables real-time intelligence across multiple supply chain data points to calculate impact of your production process, inventory management, and transportation activities. Combined, these verifiable data points bring insight into environmental impact and waste generation. Leveraging Interius reports and dashboards, you can quickly identify these trends and see improvements over time. Additionally, integrating this Interius data to your enterprise systems allows for broader visibility of supply chain impacts on your company’s sustainability goals.

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