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Transportation Visibility

Transportation and Distribution Supply Chain Management

Track Your Assets and the Vehicles that Move Them Between Your Facilities with IoT Supply Chain Tracking Technologies and Real-Time Data Insights

Transportation and Distribution visibility allows companies to track a variety of items: shipping containers, racks, pallets, machines used to move those items from point A to point B, and the warehouse dock doors that all of the items go in to and out of.

Anything involved in the moving and transporting of the goods and materials your company makes could be included in this critical area of supply chain visibility. Planning your shipping routes, dock door usage, and storage methods while not in transit all impact your ability to understand – and optimize – transportation and distribution operations for your company.

How Does Transportation and Distribution Visibility Impact Your Supply Chain Operations?

Accurate information on location and status are just the start. Understanding your transportation and distribution operations is part of complete, end-to-end supply chain visibility. Transportation insights include location, route planning and optimization, dock door usage planning, and cube optimization. Distribution visibility can include inventory storage, warehouse or yard planning for activities like FIFO and deadline planning, and proper cross dock operations.

When you gain visibility and accurate data about your transportation and distribution activities, you can plan to impact both the daily activities for your company and 3PL/4PL providers in addition to the certainty of that data to impact business operations and decision making.

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Surgere Solutions for Transportation and Distribution Operations

Surgere’s engineering and operations teams work with your warehouse, logistics and transportation managers to build an IoT-based solution to work inside, outside and between your facilities. Our Interius software provides the insight and data you need to make proactive decisions and spot trends over time. Trucks and moving equipment are tracked with GPS and Cellular technologies for over-the-road location visibility while your racks, returnables and inventory are monitored for moisture, temperature and vibration that ensures the shipment arrives in the same condition that it was sent.

Distribution activities are tracked inside and outside using RFID, UWB, BLE and GPS technologies that work together for a seamless view of inventory in-motion, truck loading, and cube optimization. Easily automate key activities like BOL creation, inventory put-away, and dock door and lane assignments.

The power of 99.9% data accuracy and real-time insights mean you get the data you need, when you need it.

Interius Transportation and Distribution Benefits

  • Quickly find the inventory or shipping load, optimizing loading time and load planning
  • Increase productivity with easy to configure business rules and enterprise software system integrations
  • Maximize transportation schedules with 3PL/4PL vendors
  • Track your vehicle milk runs and long-haul locations in real-time

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