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Cloud-Based, Globally Scalable Supply Chain Software

Take Your Supply Chain Visibility to Another Level and Impact Business Operations and Proactive Decision Making with Interius by Surgere

What is Interius?

Interius is a SaaS tool, 100% cloud-based and built on Microsoft architecture, programmed and maintained by the team at Surgere.

Interius is available to all Surgere clients, providing always-on access to your supply chain metrics, reports and insights that provide real-time information and alerts for exactly the intelligence you need.

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What Can I Do With Interius?

What can’t you do with Interius may be the better question. From multiple functions, modules and reports to data sharing and integration, Interius is built to be a flexible and accessible system. And because it is built on Microsoft architecture, the backbone of security cannot be understated.

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Does Interius Have Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Features?

Yes, Interius takes advantage of Power BI and IoT Hub from Microsoft. These components have many functions and insights that learn and adapt over time to ensure that you can surface proactive alerts, trends, issues and details that keep you ahead of your supply chain operations. AI and ML is at the core of everything Interius does because Interius is built to show you the data you care about most.

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