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Aerospace Supply Chain Solutions

Meet the most demanding production requirements, asset management and security access needs with certainty.

End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility for Aerospace Applications

When security, tolerance control and data visibility are important in your supply chain, turn to Surgere.

Surgere’s use of scalable IoT technology ensures accurate data capture and intelligence through Interius, ideal for Aerospace supply chain demands.

With many aerospace manufacturing facilities requiring secure workspace and documented workflows, it’s easy to see why auditable data is important. Surgere’s solutions can ensure that the right team members have access to the right work areas, storage areas and shipping docks. This visibility tracks who is using the right tools and machines throughout the day while quickly identifying if something ends up in the wrong area.

As production steps move from start to finish, the tolerances and requirements on aerospace products often exceed many other industries. The ability to track and verify that each step was taken and completed to needed requirements is simple within Surgere’s Interius software.

When your parts and large assemblies move from one facility to another, you’ll have added peace-of-mind to the location, activity and status of those items with real-time tracking and monitoring that your team can easily understand and be alerted to any exceptions to the process.

Surgere’s engineers work with each client to understand their needs and develop a solution that is scalable and repeatable across multiple locations or across the globe. From thousands of parts and components to large items and the need to verify products for authenticity, Surgere’s team blends multiple IoT technologies with Interius to ensure you have data at your fingertips and supported decision making that improves your daily operations while saving money.

Post-installation, Surgere’s Operations team stays with you to monitor your system and ensure each team member has access and training. Your end-to-end supply chain visibility is met with end-to-end service for success.

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Leverage Interius for critical warehouse management activites and learn more about data integration and enrichment? We’ll show you how.

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