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Track Supply Chain Activity with Overhead Reader Solutions

Save Floor Space and Maximize Asset Tracking with Overhead, Ceiling-Mounted Readers

What are Overhead Readers?

With floor space in a warehouse becoming increasingly critical and a demand for flexibility in production lines and storage processes, overhead, ceiling-mounted readers have become a valued option in warehouse manufacturing environments.

Overhead readers are often used with RFID technology to track tagged assets as they move throughout a facility. Similar to portal or dock door readers, overhead readers can track inbound and outbound asset or material movement, but overhead readers have the added advantage of tracking directionality and movement in multiple zones of a facility.

With the ability to scan hundreds of assets in seconds, overhead readers are often chosen for clients that need flexibility across an entire zone or floor space while requiring little to no human intervention to continuously operate.

Overhead readers are often made from a plastic shell that allows for reliable RFID signal transmission and reception.

How Does Surgere Install Overhead Readers?

Generally, overhead readers can be installed from a ceiling or roof of a facility. There are limitations to the ceiling height that must be considered and where needed, appropriate threaded rod or other down-hanging supports may be installed to position the overhead reader in the best possible position for the use case. 

Once the hardware is installed, it can be connected to the facility’s power and network connection with PoE cable.

How Many Overhead or Ceiling-Mounted Readers Will I need for My Facility and Supply Chain Operations?

The number of readers will depend on the square footage or area that you want to track your assets within. Each overhead reader can scan or cover an area that is proportional to the height at which it is hung in the air.

Surgere’s engineering team will advise the total number of overhead readers or other scanning hardware based on your specific facility and your needs for asset and material tracking.

Surgere's IoT Supply Chain Partners

Surgere partners with premium providers for all hardware and scanning technology. We will provide recommendations for each supply chain visibility need, including the pros and cons, scalability and expected longevity of each plan.

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