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Manufacturing Supply Chain Solutions

Valuable insights to production, shipping and access control with Interius

Build End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility for Manufacturing Operations with Surgere and Interius

Surgere knows that manufacturing organizations demand real-time visibility into their most critical operations. Using IoT solutions and our Interius software, the demands are met with proactive insights and details that provide exactly what each company wants to know.

From production process control to finding in-progress and finished goods within inches, both inside and out, Surgere’s engineering teams have seen every manufacturing environment and installed solutions that scale with the company across multiple locations or across the globe.

When you want to expand that certainty and insight to employee safety, Surgere has you covered. Access Control solutions ensure that properly trained team members have access to the right tools and machines through the workday. Quickly find any misplaced equipment to keep everyone on task while maximizing production labor by ensuring production process steps are not overlooked.

When your products are complete and you need to store them prior to shipping, Surgere’s Localization and Yard Management solutions help you quickly identify the location of any asset – indoors or outdoors.

Finally, when you load your valuable assets onto a truck or transportation vehicle and need to track its movement to minimize inventory loss or mis-shipment, Surgere’s Transportation Visibility tools provide real-time movement information and alerts if anything goes wrong.

Blending multiple IoT technologies brings these solutions to life. Whether you need large-scale, mass deployment or high-value item tracking with pinpoint precision, Surgere’s team will walk through each option so you understand the technology deployed in your facility.

Post-installation, Surgere’s Operations team stays with you to monitor your system and ensure each team member has access and training. Your end-to-end supply chain visibility is met with end-to-end service for success.

Want to learn more about our manufacturing supply chain solutions?  Contact us now and we’ll set up a demo.

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